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How can we use the Atlantis Hotel?

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Lady Jag, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    I e-mailed the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and they said they don't sell day passes. I thought I read somewhere that it's no longer possible to pay for day use of the hotel across the street to gain admission to Atlantis' water rides & beaches. Is that true? If so, is there another way around it? Or, do we have to buy a night's accomodations at the Atlantis?

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    Thanks for the help! :thumb :wave :thumb
  2. will86

    will86 Guest

    We were just there. We walked right into the lobby of the hotel and began exploring. Before we knew it we were outside by the pools and the beach. The weather was a little cool so we didn't actually get in the water, but we did explore the entire grounds. We passed several employees and were never stopped. The key may have been it was early (around 9 am) when arrived and they were very busy since it was the weekend after Thanksgiving. Somehow we arrived down by the dig but didn't go through it. However, there was a tour starting as we left and could have probably just followed in with it. I'd say give it a try.
  3. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    We were there last year and paid the $25 to get into the dig. I actually walked into the dig with a group, but my honest husband called me back out, saying we should pay. You can walk the grounds for free, which I highly recommend. THAT PLACE IS AWESOME. Get a map from inside the casino (booth in the middle) and explore everything, even the outskirts, there is something neat everythere, even away from the main building. I am not clear on use of the slides, somebody posted a while back that you can pay now to use the slides, but not the pools, which they did.
  4. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    What is the "dig"? Thanks!
  5. sevets

    sevets Guest

    Not that i am saying this will work,but...... i stayed at the Atlantis about 2 years ago for a week and there was no hotel ids needed to use any of the facilities . Know what I mean ?
  6. Laura E.

    Laura E. Guest

    We also stayed at the Atlantis for 10 days a few years back and they were very strict with hotel ID's. Maybe the time of year makes a difference. Our trip was in August and the staff was always checking for ID.
  7. sevets

    sevets Guest

    July and honestly we where never once asked for I.D
  8. beachmom

    beachmom Guest

    Post Edited (12-12-03 23:51)
  9. beachmom

    beachmom Guest

    We just came back (Dec. 9th ) from a 4 day stay at the Atlantis. We needed different colored plastic bands each day for towels and use of the slides. I met a couple from a ship in port one day at the pool and they came over to the Atlantis hotel at 9:00 am and paid for a day room $200.00 for 5 people that included the bands and use of the slides. One hand does not always know what the other is doing so call the 800 number or just show up and ask.

    There are several ways to see the grounds including the Dig and the Caves. You just have to wander around. The best place to start is at either end of the hotel instead of the front door. You can also register at the casino players club and they give you a card that looks just like your room key and then flash it if someone asks. We were stopped just once (used the elevator for the Dig) during our time there and thats when we flashed our room card. He didn't even look at it.

    The problem I saw with cruise ship passengers is that they looked like they were just off the ship. Stickers on their cruise ship T-shirts
  10. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Hmmm...interesting. I don't know what to do now. The day room is definitely a good idea. I'll call their 800 number and ask them about it. Thanks so much!! :thumb
  11. Don

    Don Guest

    We were there last year on a one-day cruise visit, and walked all through the facilities, including the aquarium and were never stopped or questioned. We would have paid, but never saw anyone to pay. The aquarium is really nice, but it was much nicer for free than if we'd paid the going rate for the tour.

    I imagine they are stricter about people using the pool, or needing a place to change and shower, etc.
  12. kamy

    kamy Guest

    I have been thinking of going to the Atlantis resort sometime soon but don't have much info on it. Is it an all inclusive resort? How much is the normal room there in the summer?
  13. beachmom

    beachmom Guest

    No, it's not all inclusive. You can buy a tour package including air from a TA or just book a package from the hotel.

    You would need to buy a dining package also or eating can go through the roof.

    They charge $75.00pp per day and $55.00 for children over 3 yrs. This only includes B&D. NO lunch.There is another dining package and includes 4 or 5 more expensive restaurants on the property.

    If you are a gambler and accumulate enough points each day they will waive all or a portion of your bill. Make sure you speak to a casino host.
  14. kamy

    kamy Guest

    Has anyone stayed in the Royal towers?They are the nice looking new towers if I am not mistaking.I wa sjyst wondering how much would it be for a regular room compared to a suite.
  15. beachmom

    beachmom Guest

    Take lots of money then. We have stayed in bothe Royal and Coral towers. While the Royal is slightly newer, they are closer to the activities than the Coral. I don't think the rooms are that different except that the toilets are more up to date.

    Try their web site <http://www.atlantis.com> for more information.
  16. PeabodyNVL

    PeabodyNVL Guest

    I've stayed in the Royal Towers twice. By playing nickel slots at the casino, we get offers og three free nights (and additional nights at $60-$90). I've also stayed in the Beach Tower.

    Since we have been to Atlantis a number of times, we no longer feel the need to go to all of the "fancy" (expensive) restaurants. We tried the MAP (Modified American Plan), where you get to eat breakfast and dinner at the buffets, Murray's Deli or the Atlas Bar and Grille in the Casino. This plan was $59 per person per day. Since I usually only eat two meals a day anyway and a buffet is wasted on me, we figured we could do better by going to Murray's, Atlas or the Lagoon Bar. And we did. For the same $60, we could have three meals if we wanted...or two meals and ice cream or dessert.

    For breakfast, the buffets cost $20. Dinner is $40.

  17. oceanmarina

    oceanmarina Guest

    I would call the Atlantis to find out for sure if you can use the pool/beach or not. When we stayed at the Atlantis three summers ago, they sold "day passes / bracelets" to cruise ship passangers. It was an insane amount of people with all the cruise ship passangers and the already 3000+ hotel guests staying there. I was told by several travel agents that the hotel realized this and they now only give cruise ship passangers guided tours & you will not be allowed to use the beach or pool areas. When we stayed there you were often checked to make sure you had a bracelet and/or room key. They were VERY strict about it.
    We adored the Atlantis & would stay there again. This was the only land vacation that ever compared to a cruise in muy opinion.
  18. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    We went last September. No day passes/bracelets were available to non-guests of the hotel. We had a cab take us to Paradise Beach. When we were done playing in the water, we walked up the beach a short way and crossed over a pedestrian bridge where a security guard looked at us and then looked away as we walked into the pool portion of the resort. We didn't attempt to ride the water slide or anything, but we were definitely in a guest portion of the hotel. We took some amazing photos (it's so pretty with the flowers and sections of water) and then walked through the hotel.

    Their section of beach appears to be just a portion of Paradise Beach and there isn't anything we saw that cuts you off from that. So you may just want to take a cab and you can enter the beach just next to the resort and then walk to the resort.

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