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My husband and I are going on our first cruise on the Star in October.I was wondering if anyone knows how family can reach you in an emergency? We are leaving 2 teenagers under the watchful care of their grandfather,but if there should be a problem, how can he contact us?We would sure appreciate any information.:)


Hi, PattiLou,
Your documents from Princess will have the phone numbers for contacting you by phone using a credit card or billed to your phone. When we went, it said the cost was $8.95/minute. One of the C@'s also posted how to have family e-mail you to the ship (rather than to your e-mail ) and it would be delivered to your cabin. Hope someone will jump in here with that info again.


Yup cell phones are allowed Fernanda but U best check with your service provider to see if and what areas fall into their calling zones. In most cases id U have one of the viable service carriers you should be OK once U get within a certain distance of the Islands.


We recently returned from a Princess cruise, and it is true the following does actually happen : People can send you e-mail for FREE on the ship...say Mr/Mrs Smith are on the Grand Princess in's what you'd do : in the address you'd put "" the subject area, you'd put something like :"The Smiths cabin B412"...then in body of your e-mail, tell them whatever you'd like.I "tested" it while in port at an internet cafe...I sent myself something, and I'd say within 2 hours, there was the e-mail in my "mailbox" out side my door. (the e-mail was in a sealed envelope !!) I also had family send stuff--->no problem. It's a good way of *receiving* free e-mail...


I sent my parents an email to the golden princess in April. They never received it, and I emailed it exactly as told by someone on the board. So maybe sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Good Luck!!


It worked for us on the Crown Princess this year, we had mail almost everyday from friends delievered right to our cabin. One time we received the message within 20 minutes of it being sent, other times it took several hours before it reached our stateroom door. I think a lot depends on how busy they are to deliever it. I wouldn't use it for emergency correspondence, but it is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends while you are away. As said above just address the email to: "name of ship", passenger name and stateroom number in the subject line and your message in the message body. It was great fun to receive updates from home as we sailed the South Pacific! And yes, there was no charge for this service on the Crown Princess.

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I tried it today as my parents are currently on the Star Princess. When they come home I will ask if they got it or not, unless I hear from them sooner. I put cabin # and name in subject.

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Mom just called and at this point 4:47 pm she still didn't get the email. I emailed it at 5:00 am.