How did you get your C@ screen name?



We had a blonde Cocker Spaniel named Tyler. He also answered to "Pooter" abd "Pooterdog" (don't remember how we came up with those names). Anyway, he was like a third child to us, so since he was my "son", I'm Pootersdad.:cool:


It is my nickname from when I was growing up, and is still what my mom's family calls me.


When I first got on the internet everyone warned me to stay away from places that wanted personal information. I didn't know very much about the internet so I was afraid to use my real name but wanted to participate in a forum. On a "whim" I decided to sign in and came up with Whimsy.


This is fun. I posted this same topic a few years ago. My real name is Karen. When I first signed onto the forum, I thought Cruisin' Karen would be a "fun name." John told me it was already taken and I had to pick something else. (don't know where the "original one" went to! =shrug) When I was at college, I got a lot of junk mail delivered to my dorm mailbox incorrectly addressed to Karry, so a lot of people started calling me that (pronounced Kerry, NOT CArry) So I decided to use that name instead. Another "very original" choice :lol Weird thing is that I now have a DIL named Keri!

S&M in Pgh

I thought ours would pretty self-explanatory.

Get your minds out of the gutter. It's Susie & Mike in Pittsburgh. :)D


My real name is Scott. I live in Spotsylvania county and I love to cruise thus Spotsycruiser.


I found this board after our 1st cruise and initially used mikel than I saw I could add an ICON so I searched the net for one. I found my fishing buddy (which I have recently lost). I was Hooked on cruising and I like to fish and the little dude had hooked himself in the butt. So the rest is history.

Cruise cutie

:wave when we were looking for up to date Princess info back in 2004. and we really were getting things set..on ports..we had a Back to Back booked for 2005.Mark trolled and we found @ddicts..somehow I got into Community ; was reading it, and reading it..and LOVED how kind everyone was.and I lurked for weeks..and since I am not making this up.:(
Hand to God the 5 kids despaired of getting me on the computer.. &^%$ thing..they were at college sending e-mails ,and I'd dial them up on the phone.. I detested the computer at the time... I would NOT use the computer.I'd make Mark do it .. and I'd watch..
well I wanted to PLAY HERE in the playground..:worried... and I had to get a name.. Mark oftentimes refers to me as "Cutie" as a term of endearment much like Kaye - H20 /Babes 's Fiance. calls her Babe..

So I linked Cruise and Cutie together. and became Cruise cutie.. and it's stuck..back when we did I think it was Mariner MOSAIC Group 2005... Red Stripe shortened it to Cutes.. ( somehow because of this Duct tape demo thing..:grin..:dizzy..).. so I have that as a back up name too.. oh and Maw calls me Joanie which is *ACTUALLY*My Momma's name , and so I answer to that as well ;out of ingrained habit..because many years ago my late Gram would call me Joan/ Joanie by accident.and my Momma Joanne.. so we would both answer to that too..:lol...
I love how all the names for @ddicts have evolved..

and DH Mark about only posts when Einstein needles him for photos..or his *brother* Snowblower eggs him on.. he had to get a name so he got tagged Cruise Hubby.. and he says because that's what he is.. a Cruising Hubby!!...:grin....Nice to see the share Globug...:)..Joanne


I don't post often I leave that to Denise to keep me up on the goings on around here. I spent 20 years in the Marine Corp, and Leatherneck is a synonym for Marine. The term "Leatherneck" was derived from a leather stock once worn around the neck by both American and British Marines.


I have been a Paramedic for almost 29 years, started in EMS in 1978. EMS8 was my radio and employee number so it was easy to use as a screen name.