How do you afford all these cruises?



One quick question but I'm sure I'll have more as I am planning to do a cruisetour in summer 2007. How does everyone do so many cruises? Frequent cruiser miles? Or has everyone saved so much for retirement that they can do this without problems? I've seen messages on the boards from people who have done 10 Alaskan cruises.


We really don't cruise a lot (There are some exceptions of course) we post a lot on the boards...just save and scrimp and cruise when we are able. Over time it adds up.

My signature says it all I'm afraid. Enjoy your planning.


It is different for everyone. For us we put away something from every check for cruising. We also keep an eye out for specials. Many times to save money on flying we book back to back cruises so we only have to pay for flights once instead of twice.

Yes I do a lot of Alaska cruises LOL. Usually when I cruise I cruise at least twice in a year and the most I have cruised in a year is five times. I did skip cruising last year so I could do three cruises for a total of 33 days this year.

H2O babe

We are fortunate if we get to cruise once a year. Usually for us it's every other year and we pinch pennies big time to enjoy our 7 day cruises. Have never been on a longer one.



We don't eat out during the year, we don't go on weekend jaunts during the year, we watch our spending during the year, and it helps that I don't fly, and we live not far from the SF ports. Which means only Mexico and Alaska, but so far, that's been working for us.


Get a credit card with points - use for travel
Take advantage of last min. "deals" and discounts
use AAA or AARP rates
use club rates
use priceline
start a "travel fund" and put $$$ in it whenever possible - adds up


Ditto to the above, I myself plan a cruise a year, usually to Alaska since I am in the PNW. I really like the inside passage cruise.
I am also a member of the HAL Mariner's Society which allows me advance notices on early cruise savings.

The earlier you book the better the savings. Since I book on-line through HAL I can make monthly payments so long as I am full payed up a month before the cruise. When I am not on a cruise, I am always thinking and planning the next one :)


We sold a fifth wheel camper and F-250 truck and the money we were spending on gas, insurance, maintenance camping and a trailer payment are going toward cruises. We also found a great travel agent and were advised that often specials don't last. We booked the cruise we will take to Alaska in Sept, 2008 in January and the price on the room we booked has gone up $1000.00 since then!!


Worked for 40 years; 6 and 7 days a week sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day. Don't eat out and don't spend money foolishly. Live in a house that maybe a lot of people wouldn't even look at as a starter house. It was 1000 sq ft before I put on a 400 sq ft addition. It is large enough for the 2 of us, paid for and has low utility bills and affordable taxes. Don't have any vices and both of us enjoy great health from doing daily exercise consisting of weight lifting and cardio and eating healthy. Do all of my own auto repair work and work on our house. Last year I built a new garage and reworked my deck. Life is great.


well for 1 thing, i dont have a husband or kids, and all my neices and nephews are grown up. This cruise to alaska will be #7.


Interesting topic. Wish it was on the Q/A thread 'cause there would be alot more input.

First of all I'm a T/A so I can often get industry rates or at least book at cost. Sometimes there's a freebie. I have taken 4 of my 18 cruises for free so that's a good perk.

As for the rest of my cruises I'm pretty much like Glo. It is my non-cruising lifestyle that supports my cruise habit. I'm single, I don't go out much and don't spend a lot of money on non-essential items.


Since my DH and I live in Alaska, each year we receive oil money through the Permanent Dividend Fund. That money usually goes for a future cruise. We also make up cruise coupons in order to pay for a cruise monthly. We take the total amount of said cruise and divide it by how many months until the final payment is due. Each month, we pay that amount. We pretty much budget it in. Unfortunately, we aren't able to cruise each year but we can then save for maybe a longer more exotic cruise the next year. We also spend air miles that we obtain through AK Airlines and are Mariners through HAL.

Happy Cruising!


Working in the travel industry is the key to getting good prices. I have a friend who used to work for Carnival a long time ago, and back then he only had to pay the taxes and port charges, which made it cheaper than staying home.


Many people get jealous of me because I cruise so much.....BUT......when I invite them to cruise with me they always have an excuse not to cruise. My sister wants me to pay for her cruises eventhough she can afford it .

I am retired and saved my money for many years not knowing that someday I would be spending my money on cruising.

I am low maintenance which means I do my own hair and nails. I buy discount clothes and fake diamond jewelry for my cruises.
I cook at home most of the time. I love staying home watching t.v. and talking to my friends on the telephone.

I look for specials and buy when I find something I like. I consider the cruise ships as my vacation homes. Luci


All I want to do is cruise. Like lots of others, we save our pennies. DH only gets 15 days vacation. We try to take 2 cruises a year. If I can squeeze in a girl friends vacation I take another cruise and leave DH home. We are off to Alaska in September and I hope to do another cruise by the end of 2009. So much to do, so little time!