How do you afford all these cruises?



We budget. I'm retired from the military and still work part-time. SunFlower has also retired, and has since gone back to work. I have two additional part-time jobs. A few things we do (religiously): We are fairly frugal. We don't go out a lot, watch year-old movies on cable TV. Don't drink. Keep our health up to reduce medical bills (and, yes, we have been blessed in that regard). If we can purchase with plastic, we use a frequent-flyer card. We keep those purchases to what we can pay off at the end of the month, to avoid intrest. Also, have a hotel card that transfers points to our air account. When we can't use plastic, we use cash, but never give exact change. Bills only. Every evening, all loose change and all ones in our pockets is dumped in the cruise fund (a 5-gallon water jug). On Fridays, any fives also go in the fund. If either of us gets a bonus, or overtime 100% of that goes in the fund. Refunds for anything go in the fund. If a check shows up (birthday, etc.) ... Yep, the fund. Michigan is a bottle deposit state, and those $0.10's add up. We I do a lot of research to find deals (purchase early, go cheap, sail with groups, etc.).


We figured out what we could afford for a housepayment, cut that in half, bought a home that makes us happy without a built in pool outside of the city and bank that extra we would spend on a houspayment and do a few cruises a year. If times get tight, we cut back to 1 or 2 and still have very affordable housing. Since our home is 3 bedroom instead of 6 we also save on heat, electric and upkeep.


My husband and I just recently began cruising. My husband enjoyed the cruise very much, however, I became addicted. Both of us are in late 40's, in good health, have no children living at home, and enjoy traveling. Recently, I paid off my car and am now saving what was my car payment each month ($425.00) to put toward a cruise. I am planning on taking one cruise a year. I figure as long as I choose interesting ports, they have cold beer, and hubby can relax, I will be able to feed my addiction.There is a whole world to see out there and IMO cruising is the only way to do it. Cruising is economical and convenient. The pampering can't be beat either. I will cruise for as long and as often as I possibly can. =docdance

Sapphire Princess - Nov. 29th 2009 - Mexican Riviera