How do you like our new home?


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John and the folks behind the scenes

Thanks for all your hard work, this looks great. I love exploring and learning new things when it comes to the computer. It will not take me long to learn all the new options. At least I will not be bored. It is like cleaning and redecorating your house. Take out the old and bring in the new, example, updating your photo and signatures. Why not.

It is the people on the cruise addicts that make this site a home, not the look. Go with the flow and have fun.


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It is kinda boring looking but as I say beggars can't be choosers so I will get used to it. I know that there is a good reason to go to the different format or it wouldn't have changed!
Looks like opinions are varied. As for me, I evidently hadn't logged on in over a year. The new format made me come take another look. I like this format. I like the ability to pull up only the new posts, or just threads I subscribe to, or direct it to a spot in a particular thread so I can pick up again right where I left off the last time I was reading in that particular thread.

Since it's been over a year, I can't remember what it was exactly that I didn't like about the old board, but I'm pretty sure it was having to go into each area to look at the different threads and see what looked interesting. Here, I can use the New Posts link to mix everything up and see what's new. I might not look into "The AFT Deck Community Chit-Chat" forum area, but the subject lines I've seen have grabbed my attention.

And it doesn't hurt that yes, it does look like "that other" board that doesn't deserve a mention here. It also looks like several other boards I where I post, some cruise-related, most not. The familiarity makes this site very navigable. I like different, but I think this group can differentiate itself in tone and timbre. It's very easy to be the group that is welcoming and friendly and eager to share information in a non-judgmental place. It's also very easy to be the opposite of that group, but I'm sure that isn't the case. Now that this is the new board format, I plan to spend some more time here. :D

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But I do have one question -- or maybe I just can't find the answer.

I always said Bon Voyage to everyone each week.

Now all I can do is "view" that area.

Are we ever going to be able to wish people "Bon Voyage"?


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Suer.......thanks! With your link, I did find my old PM's. How would I find them without using your link? And I also haven't figured out how to start a new thread. All I can do is post a reply to thread already in progress.

I have to agree with gram in that this new board has a "cold" feeling to it and the old board seemed like "home". I know John said it was formatted to look like another board (I'm assuming he's referring to cruisecritic), but I don't understand why he would want our board to look like their board.

Oh I said, I'm in the minority and I know my opinion doesn't count.

p.s. I miss my avatar and I miss my countdown clock. I also miss the ability to be able to scroll back up while posting a reply to make sure you have addressed all aspects of a question someone might have asked.
Hi Nitestar, These new forums have a complete FAQ section that can help you or anyone else become an expert in basic and advanced features of this new software.

Here is the FAQ LINK -


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LOVE the green dot next to the person's name to show their online, versus blue-gray dot that they're off line :D

I think many posters will appreciate the fact that although not everyone posts to a thread, it is now possible to see how many people even clicked onto the thread to see what it was about.

Just wondering when we can expect the "jump to" feature of forums to be working again

Got everything working a.o.k with signature etc. Yes, it is similar to the "other board" (which I do frequent... boo ... hiss.. traitor :D ) .... but...that's why I found it very easy for me to get signature, avatar and options the way I wanted..

Edited to say... NEVER MIND about my question regarding "jump to" feature.....FOUND IT... at the bottom of the page.. :D
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The format is just like the "other board". :D :D One thing, you will not see me posting photos in with the message. I refuse to learn the new formla. And I don't think the Capt. is going to put the HTML code on.


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I'm just checking out our new surroundings. It looks an awful lot like another cruise blog! I had no trouble getting here from my bookmark bar, but I had to log in - still no problems. But where's my signature?


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I just went to the Bon Voyages and it sure is bad!!!!! I hope it isn't the finished product.

I didn't know maw & paw were going on the Destiny.
I still do not know what to think of this, I'm not saying it's bad but kinda liked the old better.
I was only so sorry to loose my old username and everything.


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Like any kind of change.....takes a little to get used to it, but it's so nice. Love the Smilies!! Thanks to your whole team for doing all this work John!!
Is Bob still around?? Don't see him much? :shrug:


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Hi John, I am getting used to the new board and am finding that it is pretty good. It takes me a little while to get used to change.

I am having problems getting my gif to come up in my signature though. I copied it over and it still is not showing up. I am sure that it is my fault and was wondering if you could help.

Thanks so much.