how do you pay for you cruise??



I can tell you how my travel agent paid for her last cruise. She stole the money and credit cards from her customers and canceled their travel plans and put the refunds in her pocket. She's being prosecuted as we speak. I hope HER cruise memories hold her in good stead for a long time to come.

I on the other hand pick up cans and recycle, clip coupons, send in refunds, eat mostly leftovers or things that can be made cheaply, and we drive a car that is 22 years old and has 200,000 miles. We purchase our clothes and household goods from clearance racks and thrift shoppes. That's how we save for our cruise.


My husband is a Div. Pres. with a company, and I'm a stay at home Mom - for now. ( I was a Medical Asst. for 18yrs.) Our youngest child graduates next week. For the past 23yrs., we have been making school payments for at least 1 of our 3 children, as they were in private schools or college. I've suggested to my husband that we continue to write the monthly tuition payment for our son who is graduating, but (obviously) instead of sending in to the school, we bank it in our vacation account. Viola' next year's Alaskan cruise will be paid for before we know it! We also save our change - which adds up VERY quickly to several hundred dollars each year. That money, plus insurance reimbursement checks, refunds of any sort, etc. all go into our vacation account.


We book our cruises early and pay something on them each month on American Express. We use those Membership Miles points to help finance our airfare. By the time the final payment is due, we owe very little.

I've also traded in timeshares for points and gotten a free trip on Carnival Destiny that way.

I also have a friend who is CEO of a company and loves to cruise. His company sponsors a cruise each year and gets a block of cabins in the deal. He's given us one of the freebies each of the last two years, and will do the same to Hawaii in 2004.

It pays to have friends in high places.