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How far from Le Havre to the Beaches of Normandy?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by KS Sunflower, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. KS Sunflower

    KS Sunflower Guest

    Would it be better to go on the ship's tour or has anyone used a private tour company?

    Sure wouldn't want to miss the ship.

  2. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

    Try <LeHavre Taxi> I found them online. If you cannot find the link, I will look it up for you..
    They will meet you at the pier. They have eleven [I think] different trips. Normanday beaches was one of them. We will use them for the day in Honfleur.
    We haven't discussed prices as of yet.
  3. KS Sunflower

    KS Sunflower Guest

    Thanks for your response. Ship Maven advised us to take the ship's tour, since the Normandy Beaches are about 100 miles from Le Havre. I also understand that some of the taxi drivers don't speak English and since I don't speak French, we might have a problem. We might look into some independent tours in England and Ireland.
    Do you have any suggestions for tours in Plymouth, England or Ireland?

  4. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

    England not on our cruise itinerary. Will do two nights in London pre-cruise but have been there before. Our next cruise has Dublin as a stop but will do that on our own.
  5. justqreus

    justqreus Guest

    I'd also love to hear the private tour options from LaHavre, as we'll be there in September. If not Normandy beaches, then what is the best day trip from there?
  6. KS Sunflower

    KS Sunflower Guest

    If you haven't been to Paris, you'll probably want to go there. We did a ship's tour to Paris when we were in Le Havre before. It's an all day tour and you don't get to spend much time shopping, only sightseeing, but at least you can say you've been there.

  7. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

  8. david2000

    david2000 Guest

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