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How far is port in Houston from Airport (IAH)



Anyone know how far the airport (IAH) in Houston is from the cruise pier. What reasonably priced hotels are close to the ship?
Inquiring for my daughter and her boyfriend.

Lady Jag

MC - From what I've learned, it's about an hour drive from IAH to the pier. Here are some links for you:

This one is a map of the area. Seems like the hotel prices vary greatly, depending upon time of year.



The last two links are for transportation to/from the airport and pier. I haven't actually been to this port yet, so any info I have is from other Cruise @ddicts who've helped me. I've heard there's a "Something Suites" (don't remember the exact name) that is reasonably priced for a pre-cruise stay. It offers a free shuttle to the pier. Can't remember which @ddict posted about it though, sorry. Maybe more people will be on the board tomorrow. :)


Thanks. These links spawn another question. Some cruises leave from Houston and some from Galveston ( island) is this the same port?


Do you fly into Houston to get to both of them? It seems the distance and cost from the airport don't make this a very practical choice for cruisers flying in. Am I right?

red stripe

There are two airports, and two ship ports.

if going from the Houston Port, I would fly into Houston Intercontinental (George Bush) as this port is "in town" so to speak..

one drawback with leaving from this port is that it is slap in the middle of all the shipping docks, petrolium and chemical plants etc.. You will spend some time when you sail going down the ship chanel to the ocean.

If leaving grom Galveston, (it is an island connected by a bridge) then opt for flying into Houston Hobby airport.

To get to Galveston from Interconental airport, you will travel down Interstate 45.. out of Houston, and down to the coast, passing near Hobby airport at the time.

I would not bank on any travel from Interconental airport to Galveston being an hour :grin Houston can be a traffic nightmare.. I lived in the Clear lake area.. about halfway from Houston to Galveston, and it would take me about 45 mins to drive from there even on a good day..

If you are going to be down there early.. remember that the Johnson Space Center is there.. in Clear Lake City.. and well worth the visit.

red stripe

This is the directions from Intercontenental airport to Galveston.

1. Start going towards the AIRPORT EXIT on AIRPORT LOOP - go 0.2 mi
2. Continue on ramp - go 0.2 mi
3. Bear on AIRPORT BLVD - go 1.6 mi
4. Continue on ramp - go < 0.1 mi
5. Continue on GULF FWY - go 0.5 mi
6. Take I-45 - go 36.2 mi
7. Continue on TX-87 - go 2.4 mi
8. Turn on 27TH ST - go 0.1 mi
9. Turn on BALL ST - go < 0.1 mi
10. Arrive at the center of GALVESTON, TX

<img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/image.php/469/George_bush_airport.jpg>
.And from from Hobby Airport to Galveston.

Start going towards the AIRPORT EXIT on TERMINAL RD S - go < 0.1 mi
3. Turn on GREENS RD - go 2.5 mi
4. Turn on US-59 - go 0.6 mi
5. Take US-59 SOUTH - go 14.4 mi
6. Take the I-45 SOUTH exit towards GALVESTON - go 46.5 mi
7. Continue on TX-87 NORTH - go 2.4 mi
8. Turn on 28TH ST - go 0.1 mi
9. Turn on BALL ST - go 0.1 mi
10. Arrive at the center of GALVESTON, TX

<img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/image.php/469/drive_from_Hobby.gif>

And a map showing where the Port of Houston is located from both Intercontinental airport..and Hobby.. They are about the same in distance.

<img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/image.php/469/Houston_cruiseport.jpg>


Thanks everyone. I guess I have been spoiled by FLL and MIA. We are our of San Diego next and that looks very close at 3 miles.

red stripe

Chick, see if they can go out of Hobby instead of intercontinental.. Look at th last map.. Intercontinental is on the other side of Houston City.. so you have a long drive through traffic.. also, that is a hugh airport..and can be a zoo.

You can see that the route from there to Galveston takes you past hobby.

Hobby was a tiny airport for many years, but is now a very nice midsize airport, and is a whole lot closer to Galveston, and the ride from there is not bad at all.
notice NASA also on that map.. that is Johnson Space Center in Clear lake City..