How is Maw?


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Thanks for the update Brenda. Glad to hear that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, though it sounds long. Hugs to Maw and Paw.


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Good grief! While I'm thrilled Maw's surgery is scheduled, that's a LONG recuperation. Maw will be a NEW woman by the time she gets to go home and her poor Kindle will be worn out. Here's hoping the surgery and rehab will be just the thing she needs to get strong again.


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My thanks for the update too...but next week is not a set date for surgery in my mind. If it's next week I sure hope it is like Monday or Tuesday! Every day that Maw has to wait means longer until she is able to go home again. I'm probably as anxious for her as she is anxious to have this over with. I am concerned about Paw being on his own is going to be a long haul for both of them.

Hugs to you Maw...I'm praying this surgery is soon behind you and you can concentrate on getting healed!