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How many cruises have you been on?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by John, May 21, 2002.

  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    1999....Sea Princess
    2001....Radiance of the Seas
    2002.... Zaandam ( this Saturday May 25)
    2002....Star Princess (Sept. 14)
  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    I have been on 8 cruises and number nine is coming on June 9 on the Grand Princess!

    Pacquet Cruise Lines in 1983
    Disney Magic X 2
    Carnival Fantasy
    RCI Majesty of the Seas
    RCI Voyager of the Seas
    RCI Sovereign of the Seas
    Carnival Spirit

    And hopefully many many more to come!!!!!
  3. KimA

    KimA Guest

    I've been on 2 cruises on the Celebrity Century and a third is scheduled for June 10th on the millenium....
  4. Cruznut

    Cruznut Guest

    HOLIDAY 09-16-89
    BRITANIS 03-30-90
    CARIBE I 05-15-90
    DISCOVERY I 07-13-90
    DOLPHIN 08-17-90
    MARDI GRAS 01-20-91
    BRITANIS 03-22-91
    BRITANIS 04-12-91
    SUNWARD II 09-20-91
    NORDIC EMPRESS 11-18-91
    BRITANIS 01-04-92
    BRITANIS 02-09-92
    BRITANIS 05-01-92
    BRITANIS 06-26-92
    DOLPHIN 09-25-92
    FANTASY 11-16-92
    TROPIC STAR 12-05-92
    COSTA ALLEGRA 01-23-93
    BRITANIS 02-26-93
    ROYAL MAJESTY 04-02-93
    BRITANIS 06-04-93
    FANTASY 08-27-93
    MAJESTIC 11-18-93
    DISCOVERY I 12-24-93
    ZENITH 03-17-94
    BRITANIS 04-01-94
    TROPIC STAR 05-15-94
    SEAWARD 07-01-94
    BRITANIS 08-05-94
    SEAWARD 11-11-94
    TROPICANA 05-28-95
    SENSATION 10-20-95
    NORWEGIAN CROWN 10-19-96
    SOV. OF THE SEAS 06-16-97
    NORWAY 12-06-97
    NORWEGIAN WIND 12-06-98
    LEEWARD 04-09-99
    LEEWARD 07-12-99
    TRIUMPH 12-11-99
    IMAGINATION 07-15-00
    MAASDAM 12-10-00
    GRAND PRINCESS 10-01-01
    NORWEGIAN STAR 11-16-01
    HORIZON 12-14-01
    CENTURY 04-06-02
    Dates Missing:
    SCAND. SUN (2)
    SCAND. DAWN (2)
  5. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Well over 200 (I stopped counting a LONG time ago).

    First ocean voyage June 7, 1950 - Matson Lines' Lurline from San Francisco to Honolulu. It was a crossing, not a cruise.

    Last cruise was on HAL's Volendam, May 6-13, 2002.

    Next definite cruise in on HAL's Ryndam to Mexico's Sea of Cortez in October, and I'm now holding an option on HAL's Amsterdam to Alaska again in September.
  6. I've been on 18 cruises so far.

    Carnival - Holiday X 4
    Carnival - Jubilee
    Carnival - Celebration X 2
    Carnival - Fantasy
    Carnival - Ecstasy
    Carnival - Sensation
    Carnival - Destiny X 2
    Carnival - Triumph
    Carnival - Victory
    Cunard - Countess
    Norwegian - Norway
    Premier - Rembrandt
    Celebrity - Zenith

    First cruise was in July 1986 on the Holiday to the Eastern Caribbean.

    My favorite was the Sensation in March 1994 (my Honeymoon of course!!)

    Least favorite was the Cunard Countess in May 1988.

    # 19 is coming up in 66 days - Carnival Triumph
  7. AndreaC

    AndreaC Guest

    Wow - Some really long lists!! I have been on 6 cruises so far with two booked and one in the works.

    Well, here goes...

    (1) 1990 - S/S Atlantic - Premiere - 4 day Bahamas
    (2) 1996 - Carnival Sensation - 7 day Eastern Caribbean
    (3) 2000 - RCI Majesty of the Seas - 4 day Bahamas & Key West
    (4) 2001 - Grand Princess - 7 day Eastern Caribbean
    (5) 2001 - Ocean Princess - 10 Day Eastern Caribbean
    (6) 2002 - Golden Princess - 7 day Eastern Caribbean


    (7) 2002 - Grand Princess - 7 day Eastern Caribbean
    (8) 2002 - Grand Princess - 7 day Western Caribbean

    Looking at Coral Princess Panama Canal cruise for March. :grin
  8. Maw

    Maw Guest

    I am cruise newbie.

    9/01 Vixion of Sea Alaska
    2/02 Inspiration Western CAribearn 3/4 of cruise
    1/03 Dawn Princess Cho@s booked
  9. Kathyh1313

    Kathyh1313 Guest

    I have been on 8 cruises, the 9th will be in less than 3 weeks.

    My first cruise was on Carnival Fantasy to Bahamas in February of 1991

    NCL Westward- NYC to Bermuda June 1991(met my husband on this cruise)
    Fascination - Boston to Canada September 1994
    Majesty of the Seas- Western Caribbean August 1998
    Norwegian Majesty- Boston to Bermuda June 1999
    Grandeur of the Seas- Eastern Caribbean August 2000
    Enchantment of the Seas- Eastern Caribbean June 2001
    Grand Princess- Western Caribbean Feb 2002 ( celebrating our 10th anniversary)

    and our next cruise in just over 2 weeks.....
    NCL Norwegian Sun- Exotic Western Caribbean June 2002

    Whatever you do in life..Have fun!!
  10. Olga

    Olga Guest

    Approx. 20 (lost count), beginning with the

    MV Atlantic (Homeric LInes) 1988 and last with

    Golden Princess 2001

    next up:

    Carnival Triumph June 2002
  11. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    Have been on 7 cruises starting with the Song of America in 1988, and last cruise was this Easter on the Explorer of the Seas. My first back to back coming up in Jan 03, on the Dawn Princess, and Summit!
  12. KimberleyFLA

    KimberleyFLA Guest

    05/2001 RCCL Sovereign of the Seas
    10/2001 RCCL Sovereign of the Seas
    11/2001 Carnival Sensation

    Will book something for 10/2002 or 11/2002. Thinking about HAL Zaandam or Golden Princess.
  13. Cricket

    Cricket Guest

    Oh my gosh, senior moment here! Our first cruise was in the early 70's on the Olympia, now called the Regal Empress. Our last cruise was on the Regal Empress in 2002! We didn't know that the Regal Empress was really the Olympia, until we booked her! What was funny was that the only room I can remember was the library, because it still looks the same in 2002 as it was in the 1970's. Our 17th cruise is coming up in June, on the Galaxy, with Gods' help!
  14. LS5099

    LS5099 Guest

    I have been on 15 cruises todate.

    The first was in 1972 on the USS Ticonderoga out of San Diego. My first pleasure cruise was 1994 on the Carnival Fantasy out of Port Canaveral.

    Our last cruise was a 10-day on the Carnival Paradise around the Caribbean in Feb 2002.

    Our next cruise is scheduled for Oct. 2002 on the Sun Princess 10-days to the Mexican Riviera.

    1 US Navy, 1 RCL, 3 Princess and 10 on Carnival.
  15. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Mary Ann you Lucky Dog!!! :grin I hope Pucci gives you a wet one on the face for that post. :lol OK so I have been on 8 with #9 on the books.
  16. annette

    annette Guest

    2 so far with number 3 next year.
    1- Sovereign of the Seas to Bahamas 4 days 4/01,
    Carnival Jubilee to West Carib 5 days 4/02
    and next is Explorer of the Seas to East Carib 7 days 5/03
  17. Lill

    Lill Guest

    Hmmm, let me see if I can remember........... oh yes that would be 1. Celebrity Century, April 2002. #2 coming up in October. :)
  18. beachmom5

    beachmom5 Guest

    15 so far and looking into the 16th. A river cruise in Europe or Russia

    1st was on the Alaska Marine Highway on the M/V Columbia

    15th on the NCL Dream South America
  19. Cyndi

    Cyndi Guest

    we are going on our first official cruise on July the 5th, but I was on two ships going to and back from Japan in 1952 and 1954,,, I was just a child but I can still remember seeing all the troups down on the lower decks.
  20. hstrybuf

    hstrybuf Guest

    This is easy because we've only been on two so far!

    Carnival Sensation 08/99
    Carnival Destiny 01/02
    RCCL Enchantment of the Seas 10/02

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