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How many days Roll Call!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by sgrane, Oct 3, 2001.

  1. Bridget

    Bridget Guest

    <HTML>101 days til Infinity S. Caribbean!</HTML>
  2. <HTML>We don't have another cruise on the books yet. :( Can someone smuggle us on ?


  3. marshmallow

    marshmallow Guest

    <HTML>101 days till Millenium (eastern caribbean) so hard to wait...but Toto and bel...you're both going on the Millenium in 32 days! have a fabulous time!</HTML>
  4. stingray

    stingray Guest

    <HTML>I know how you feel Jamman, We just got back Saturday (9/29) from the Triumph and haven't had time to sit down and plan the next one. This message string is helping to get my interest up though.

  5. justjohn

    justjohn Guest

    <HTML>38 days to our cruise on Infinity!


  6. BeverleyS

    BeverleyS Guest

    <HTML>59 days until the Infinity although we leave the day before the cruise, which makes it 58 days, and we have to take off the day before that to "farm out" the birds, which makes it 57 days...tick, tick, tick...</HTML>
  7. rogerpl

    rogerpl Guest

    <HTML>11 days on the Paradise in 305 days</HTML>
  8. andrea

    andrea Guest

    <HTML>3 months, 8 days, 10 hours, and 45 minutes until we depart for our January 14, 2002 sailing on Celebrity's Summit!

    Woo hoo!

    :D andrea</HTML>
  9. Paul J

    Paul J Guest

    <HTML>We are going to cruise with Frank P on the Inspiration, 10/14/01!! This will be our 6th cruise; first on Carnival Cruise Line. Been to the Carribbean 3 times before, and still can't wait to see that blue water and beautiful sunsets! Wishing all fair weather, calm seas, smooth sailing!!!!</HTML>
  10. Donna

    Donna Guest

    <HTML>50 DAYS until we board the Monarch of the seas for our Birthday/Thanksgiving cruise!!! 11/22/01</HTML>
  11. cruise lady

    cruise lady Guest

    <HTML>Southern Caribbean on the Radiance March 16, 2002.
    Happy Cruising Everyone
    Cruise Lady</HTML>
  12. mainecruiser

    mainecruiser Guest

    <HTML>Grandeur of the Seas - 1 month, 26 days, and 9 hours. The cruise just before Callie's.</HTML>
  13. JohnG

    JohnG Guest

    <HTML>66 days till the Royal Clipper!!</HTML>
  14. <HTML> 8 DAYS TO GO-Ocean princess 10-11-01

    I am making people at work mad too--Getting sick of the countdown--Just want to go too--
  15. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    <HTML>147 days untill the Vision and Hawaii, Gosh, is it that Long??????? sorry I counted now! :lol

  16. John

    John Guest

    <HTML>11 days Majesty to Bermuda. Love that place.</HTML>
  17. <HTML>28 days and a wakeup until we board the Crown Princess in Honolulu, heading for Tahiti via Bora Bora and Moorea. From the roll call, it would seem that we shall have the ship to ourselves.....where is everyone?

    Bryan Pearson.

  18. Margie

    Margie Guest

    <HTML>16 days to vacation start, 17 days then will be on the Carnival Spirit.</HTML>
  19. Angela

    Angela Guest

    <HTML>One day and a wake-up, YIPPEEEEE!!!!! Radiance of the Seas, here we come!</HTML>
  20. Dawn

    Dawn Guest

    <HTML>16 days and a wake up! Carnival Spirit here we come!!!

    See you on the ship Margie!


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