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How many days till your next sail-away?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by DisneyBlonde, Jun 14, 2001.

  1. queenjean

    queenjean Guest

    <HTML>212 days till PARADISE!!!!!

  2. JudyB

    JudyB Guest

    <HTML>99 days until Alaska on the Infinity...only it's not my NEXT sailing, it's my first!!!!! i'm glad i saw this message, it made me count days and now i'm happy to know it's under 100 days!!!! hmmm...maybe i should start a count for a disney sailing that i'm thinking about in February.....</HTML>
  3. <HTML>37 Days til the Zenith and Bermuda as advance scout for the Bermuda Adventure Cruise!! :D</HTML>
  4. judy

    judy Guest

    <HTML>Radisson Mariner 154 days
    HAL Zaandam 213 days
    Princess Star 317 days

    Smooth sailing
  5. DisneyBlonde

    DisneyBlonde Guest

    <HTML>Jamman and Patti -

    You can hide a secret message on Elbow Beach for the Bermuda Bashers to find...like a treasure hunt. Now THAT would be an adventure!

  6. Bensley's

    Bensley's Guest

    <HTML>I think I will keep that secret and surprise a few people! :eek:)</HTML>
  7. Beckiep

    Beckiep Guest

    <HTML>66 days till sail away
    65 days till we leave LA
    64 days till we leave home.</HTML>
  8. Stingray

    Stingray Guest

    <HTML>100 days until Triumph, Carnival Triumph that is. I can hardly wait.

  9. luv2cruise

    luv2cruise Guest

    <HTML>144 days (Nov 5) on Majesty of the Seas, RCI.
    ooohhh, that sounds terrible!</HTML>
  10. luv2cruise

    luv2cruise Guest

    <HTML>144 days (Nov 5) on Majesty of the Seas, RCI.
    ooohhh, that sounds terrible!</HTML>
  11. Callie

    Callie Guest

    <HTML>179 until the Grandeur of the Seas Circle the Caribbean 11 nights</HTML>
  12. rocster

    rocster Guest

    <HTML>104 days till the Imagination, also looking at the Veendam for Nov 2002</HTML>
  13. Jo

    Jo Guest

    <HTML>FOUR ---- Four more days......I sail Ocean Princess, 6/18 North to Alaska!</HTML>
  14. DisneyBlonde

    DisneyBlonde Guest

    <HTML>Jo! Single Didget Midget!</HTML>
  15. Terri

    Terri Guest

    <HTML>171 Days until the 7-night Mexican Riviera Dec 2nd on the Vision of the Seas.</HTML>
  16. Teresa

    Teresa Guest

    <HTML>110 days to Celebrity Summit (hopefully). Got airline tickets today. Yea!!!!</HTML>
  17. PattiG

    PattiG Guest

    <HTML>Boo hoo ....no cruise planned. Still feasting on the memories of Millie last month! I have enough to keep me satisfied for a little while! HAPPY SAILING EVERYONE !!!! HOT! HOT! HOT!</HTML>
  18. watergirl

    watergirl Guest

    <HTML>143 days until the Mercury, Western Caribbean on November 4th.
    Can't wait!!

  19. Donna

    Donna Guest

    <HTML>Jo -
    Have a great trip. And clear the way - I am right behind you! Send all the whales you see back to visit us. ha ha

  20. maria1122

    maria1122 Guest

    <HTML>10 DAYS!!!!!!!! Celebrity Mercury tour/cruise Alaska</HTML>

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