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How many days until YOU Cruise?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Toto, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. 10X

    10X Guest

    <HTML>169 days to Vision of the Seas and a 10 day Hawaii, 2/17/02.</HTML>
  2. Larry

    Larry Guest

    <HTML>195 days 'till the inagural Star Princess out of LA to the Mexican Rivera.. Ole'</HTML>
  3. angelo

    angelo Guest

    <HTML>5 days to Miami 6 to Explorer</HTML>
  4. Drew

    Drew Guest

    13 days til Horizon going to Bermuda!!! Mid-Ocean Golf Club and the Swizzle Inn, here I come!!!</HTML>
  5. Anna B

    Anna B Guest

    <HTML>61 days until Hawaii on the Vision. We will be celebrating our 42nd anniversary.</HTML>
  6. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    <HTML>7 days until the Eastern Caribbean on the Grand! 106 until the Mexican Riviera on the Sea Princess!!</HTML>
  7. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    <HTML>Thanx for the reminder Toto. Let me echo the same sentiments for putting the Bon Voyages on the calendar and sending me a briefing if any of you wish so I can add you to my database for the formal BV announcement each week. If you wish to do so then just send me your names, BB name, ship you are cruising on, date of the cruise, and itinerary. As for my answer all I can admit to right now is far too many but hopefully that will change soon.

    :) Cruisin
    <img src=http://a6.cpimg.com/image/C0/71/1479616-6e6d-00C60109-.jpg></HTML>
  8. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    <HTML>Sure Judi...rub it in. :D Churchill wants to know if you have a space reserved for him? lol

    :) Cruisin
    <img src=http://a6.cpimg.com/image/C0/71/1479616-6e6d-00C60109-.jpg></HTML>
  9. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    <HTML>Thats far too long isn't it Cruz? So far out in fact that I can not even think about it yet. Well worth lookin forward to though!

    :) Cruisin
    <img src=http://a6.cpimg.com/image/C0/71/1479616-6e6d-00C60109-.jpg></HTML>
  10. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    <HTML>You LUCKY Dog!!! Any room in your suitcase yet? :D

    :) Cruisin
    <img src=http://a6.cpimg.com/image/C0/71/1479616-6e6d-00C60109-.jpg></HTML>
  11. pattyk

    pattyk Guest

    <HTML>42 days until Explorer

    130 days until the Zenith


  12. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    <HTML>27 days till our transatlantic on the Galaxy</HTML>
  13. Hollie

    Hollie Guest

    <HTML>Only 151 days till cruising on the Carnival Pride, but in another 2hrs. it will be only 150 days. We're having a party tomorrow to celebrate!!!</HTML>
  14. Rob H

    Rob H Guest

    <HTML>69 days left for cruise #2 on Sea Princess to Mexico (11/10/2001)

    I can get thru work till then and blessed warmth per my wife..

  15. Carlene

    Carlene Guest

    <HTML>18 days until the Infinity repositioning and 14 months until the Carnival Spirit repositioning thru the Panama Canal...</HTML>
  16. Callie

    Callie Guest

    <HTML>99 days on my countdown calendar, 99 days to go.
    We mark one off at breakfast each day,
    98 days to go.

    No wait, I am mixed up with 99 bottles of beer on the wall.!!!

    99 days till the Grandeur of the Seas. Can't wait!
    Can you tell?

  17. Judi

    Judi Guest


    Churchill was sent with STRICT instructions that he was to talk you guys into joining us! :]

    ~~~~~~~Judi in Hamilton NJ~~~~~~~
    Wishing you Blue Skies & Calm Seas!</HTML>
  18. <HTML>Sept 15 Century
    Oct 20 Golden</HTML>
  19. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    <HTML>Let's see... its 49 days 'till the Grand (Western), 175 "till the Summit (11 night Ultimate), and 313 'till the NCL Star in Hawaii.

  20. M&K

    M&K Guest

    <HTML>50 days till we fly to puerto rico then 2 more days till we crawl on the dawn princess for a southern caribbean cruise</HTML>

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