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How many formal nights?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Lady Jag(Bobbie), Aug 3, 2002.

  1. Can anyone tell us if there are 3 or 2 formal nights on a 10 day cruise?

    Thanks for the help! :)
  2. Dick & Linda

    Dick & Linda Guest

    We are booked on a 10-day cruise in December. We are planning on 3 formal nights until we hear otherwise. There are 2 formal nights on a 7-day cruise and 4 formal nights on a 14-day cruise (been on those).
  3. gambler

    gambler Guest

    We did a 10 day this past February. Had two formal nights, 1 semi-formal night, 2 up-scale casual and the rest casual..
  4. CruzTerri

    CruzTerri Guest

    On our Radiance 14-night in April 2001, we had 3 formal nights.
  5. Just found out from the RCI website:

    ON A 10, 11 or 12 DAY CRUISE:

    3 FORMAL

    Guess that answers that question! I wonder if they stick to this schedule all the time or not?
  6. Roland

    Roland Guest

    They don´t stick to that scedule all the time. It´s obviously up to CD:s taste how many formals there will be. I am used to the rule, that cruises 11 nights or longer have 3 formals, but on BR:s 12 nights cruise I returned from Saturday, there were only 2.
    CD was Ken Rush.
  7. Roland,

    Do you know what would make a CD change from 3 to 2 formal nights? Two makes more sense to me than three on a 10 night cruise. How did you like the ship?
  8. Roland

    Roland Guest

    Who knows what´s going on in the head of Ken! I didn´t ask him about it so I really can´t tell you. As for a 10 night cruise, the "rule" is 2 formals.
  9. griffy

    griffy Guest

    Spoke to TA today, who spoke to RCI on number of formal nights on 11 day cruise. Stands at 2 right now, but was told it could change before the cruise. We are prepared to take 3 formal outfits, but prefer to save the luggage space if it's only 2. They said it should be on the final documents we receive.
    So apparently it can vary from 2 to 3.
  10. CruzTerri

    CruzTerri Guest

    I sure hope it's only two! How many more days now Bobbie? :)

  11. TOO MANY!!! :lol
  12. wishin

    wishin Guest

    I would be really ticked off if I had bought 3 formal gowns and the CD decided there would be only 2. That's no small expense.
  13. CruzTerri

    CruzTerri Guest

    Hmm, I've an outfit that I can "change" what would other me is to pack for 3, and end up with only 2!

  14. Edziu

    Edziu Guest

    Just got off a 12 night cruise on Brilliance. We had 2 fornal nights, 3 smart casual, and the rest were casual.

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