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How many shoes are too many?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jenibq, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. jenibq

    jenibq Guest

    This is a totally non-serious topic, but I'm just curious. (and I'm sure this mostly applies to the women.) I have had my shoes planned in the back of my mind, but when I finally set them all out, I realized I had 15 pair, which is probably way too many. My husband thinks it's 13 too many, of course. Anyone else debating the space vs. choice issue? Or am I a normal girl? Can any past cruisers tell me what they did or recommend? I wonder what the record is?
  2. H2Odiver

    H2Odiver Guest

    Im thinking.....one nice pair of shoes for going out....1 pair of sneakers for walking/running (while shopping) and most importantly 1 pair of flipflops/sandals for the main cruising reason.....Chillin!

    Thats the way a dude thinkz!
  3. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    flip flops
    casual sandals
    dressy sandals or shoes (one color that will go with all outfits)


    oh my god
  4. jwmcq

    jwmcq Guest

    While I agree that is a lot of shoes, I think that if you can get it in a suit case and get the suitcase in the car - go for it!

    I keep reading - "take half as many clothes and twice as much money. " I disagree - take all the clothes you can fit, cause I sure hate to get there and not have that perfect pair of shoes that is back home in my closet. My husband will never agree, but life would be boring if we agreed on everything!
  5. Betsy

    Betsy Guest

    you are asking the shoe expert. We just got off the Glory- I hauled on 10 pair, my sister had about 8 pair, and my friend brought another 10. I wore one pair of flip flops-one tennis shoe and another dress shoe. I even borrowed their shoes! Next year, I will pack 3 pair and be done with it. Ridiculous!! Now don't ask about the clothes- we had enough to wardrobe the entire ship. You will wonder WHY you packed all that stuff to begin with.... My back hurts just thinking about our luggage.
  6. terri910

    terri910 Guest

    On cruises, I try to keep it to 3-4 pair (not including the little "booties" to wear while snorkeling)...

    But, hey, the rest of the time, my motto is "if the shoe fits, buy a pair in ever color."
  7. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    I say, if your luggage isn't all tied up trying to smuggle water, booze and Coca Cola on the ship, you should have plenty of room for all those shoes! Where you'll put them all inside a tiny cabin is a better question!!!

    On the real side... 5 pair should be more than enough to cover all occasions.
    15 seems like footwear overkill to me!!
  8. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    I have packed 8 (I think) and am wearing one pair. Too many? Sure but I want them just in case I decide to match outfit with shoes!! I may only wear 2 or 3 prs. BUT I will have them if I want them.

    AND I still had room for booze, and Cokes, and water, and V-8 for hubby also.

    P.S. He is taking 3 plus flip flops.
  9. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    i took 11 pair; wore about 4 different ones! just never "dressed" the way i planned lol;
  10. megamind

    megamind Guest

    Not sure my math comes out right, but, that would mean you could wear 2 different pair each day. I guess my question as a man is, Why? I talked my wife down to 5 pair instead of 10, and she still didn't wear all of them. If you are going to take them, take along a smaller suitcase with just the shoes for you and him. Also you can get the cokes, etc. in it.

  11. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    All of my shoes (all sandals except one pr.) are in the hard-sided suitcase with the wine we are taking....5 bottles. Helps to act as a cushion, so I am really a great packer...see?

    FLBRATT Guest

    Let's see I brought
    1 pair of dressy sandles

    1 pair of heels

    1 pair of nikes

    1 pair of teva sandles

    So I brought 4 ..thats not too bad. And if I can fit in my suitcase then thats all that matters ;-)
  13. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    I have 6 pairs heels ( to match my dresses)
    1pair sneakers
    1 pair sandals
    1 pair water shoes
    I guess i'm in your boat haha
  14. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I pack 4 pairs and that includes the water socks........ oh, and I also bring a pair of slippers and I wear my walking shoes. I used to pack more but found there really was no need for so many and cut back on the amount.
  15. wojo

    wojo Guest

    Pack as many as you want, but remember, you have to carry that luggage. I have brought a lot of pairs in the past and end up wearing only a few. It's hard though, because you have certain outfits that need certain shoes. I always bring too many, wherever I go. Good luck, I know I'm gonna need it!
  16. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    First cruise was a 3 dayer. I took a suitcase full of shoes (no joke). 2nd cruise I don't remember. I now take
    5 paors
    formal heels
    casual sandals
    flip flops
    and water shoes So 6 pairs ...
    I mix and match... So much easier IMHO
  17. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    On my last cruise - a 7 day - I probably took about 13-15 pair...this included a different pair (mostly dressy sandals and slides) for dinner every night, several pairs of flip-flops to go with my various bathing suits, casual sandals for sea days when NOT in my bathing suit, my aquasox, and a pair of comfy tennies for Tulum.

    I literally had a separate suitcase for shoes and purses. DB thought I was crazy....but now he understands me. He even carried the thing...what a sweetie, huh??
  18. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    Men just don't understand the concept of coordinating outfits and shoes? To them,
    one pair should go with everything. That's why we have to shop for them and supervise their dressing before they can go out in public...lol. :) My husband used to think that white socks went with everything!! ;)

    P.S. Jenivee, please email me. I need to ask you something.

    Post Edited (04-30-04 01:10)
  19. Irish Girl

    Irish Girl Guest

    My last cruise I took 3 pair:

    1 pair walking sandals
    1 pair dress sandals
    1 pair heels

    I make sure that all my clothes are mix and match so I can cut down on shoes, clothes and suitcases. Only take 1 26" suitcase now and a verrrrry small carryon (12 x 8 x 10).
  20. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    oh my god - 13-15 pairs. 3 pairs is the max I need, like Irish Girl: flipflops for fun day at sea, nice dress sandals for formal nights, and 1 pair of nice sandals for all the other evenings. Where in the cabin does one put 13 pairs of shoes????

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