How many shoes are too many?



Joanne! :grin

I'm with you....I always buy stuff on sale or at discount stores....I try to tell Chris how much money I'm saving, but I don't think he buys it. :)


We have a GREAT store by me in the Milwaukee area called:

:dizzy DSW SHOE WAREHOUSE :dizzy

Anyone else have this? It is SHEER HEAVEN!!! :dizzy :dizzy :dizzy

=bigwave :dance =bigwave


I always take too many shoes, but like having the choice! Yes I have a DSW also!!! It's a wonderful store!!!


Okay, we just got back from the Conquest. I took 8 prs. of shoes and only one was not worn. Not too bad as I see it. I was happy I had all of them:)


Okay, I started this topic, so I feel I should report on it now that I'm home. I narrowed it down as much as I could and ended up with 11 pair. I wore all but three, gym shoes being one because I didn't work out like I swore I would. I did miss one pair that I had decided to leave home. I probably COULD have gotten by with less, but what fun is that? I don't get to dress up that often. Besides, I took a lot of luggage in general so I didn't feel like my shoes were the main issue for me. (I managed to fill a 22 inch suitcase with toiletries???) Plus there were hats and bags and other miscellaneous items to add to it all. Overall, though, I didn't think it was any problem at all. It fit perfectly in the cabins on the Conquest and we hardly had to carry it anywhere. We got a taxi at the curb of the airport and the bellman handled it at the hotel, then we dropped it off and had it picked up at the curb at the pier and then did curbside check-in at the airport. No problem mon. ;) So if you want to take a lot of stuff, go for it!