How much money do cruise ship workers make?



MortgageChick Wrote:
> Cruizer , I'm not sure where you live, but where I
> live I would be responsible if my kid smashed up
> my car. The registered owner and the insured (ME)
> would be paying. That is why when DD was 17 I
> bought her an old car , put it in her name and
> paid to put insurance in her name only. Sweet
> kid, but I am not up to losing my house and life
> savings based on her driving habits.

You are confusing "blame" and "responsibility". No one is going to "blame" you for the accident even though you might be financially "responsible." And being a responsible parent (which you seem to be) do NOT mean the accident was your fault (blame).

That said, insurance is special situation. I live in California. In California the registered owner is responsible for a maxium of 15/30/5 ($15,000 per person for BI, $30,000 for all people injuried and $5,000 for PD) unless there is some negligence - giving the keys to a drunk person, failure to keep the brakes properly serviced ...

Think of responsible as being a civil issue and blame as being a criminal issue and you will see the difference between the two terms. In the case of a ship crashing, the cruise line and/or its insurer would be responsible. However, the criminal proceedings (if any) would not be against the CEO, president or the cruise line. However, there are cases where a captain, not on the bridge at the time, was held responsible.

Next - the issue of wages. No, it is not anyone's business what captain Smith actually earns. However, it is fair for people to know what captains make in general. This is usually expressed as a range.

Lady Jag

Cruizer's last paragraph is true. Even the school districts make pay ranges common information for ALL their employees, even the Superintendent. Knowledge never hurt anyone. :)