How quickly to cruises sell out?

looking to travel on carnival liberty departing miami on october 1 2011 on the eastern caribean tour, does anyone know whether this cruise is likely to sell out and if so how quickly does it sell what might be the latest time to book?? any help would be invaluable


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If I could answer your question accurately 100% of the time I would be very rich, since the cruise lines would pay me to adjust their prices for maximum yield.

Some cruises sell very fast. I know of one that I was interested in back in 2004 that sold out six months before the cruise. I didn't get to go on that one. I know of another that also sold out six months before the cruise. I'm on that one.

Others don't sell out until two weeks before the cruise.

That said, you are looking at a cruise that departs during school time and during hurricane season. Thus, I would not expect it to sell out quickly.

That said, why not put a deposit down now. You can always cancel and get a full refund up to about 90 days prior to the cruise date. Also, if you book now and prices go down, you can rebook at the new lower price. If prices go up, you get to keep the old lower price. However, if you don't book now, and prices go up, you don't get to ask for the old lower price.

My next cruise the prices have doubled. I got in early at the much lower price. My next cruise after that went down in price for a short time. I was able to rebook at the new lower price. The price then went back up. I get to keep the old lower price that I rebooked at.


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I agree with Cruiser with one small exception.

Carnival (and other cruise lines) will occasionally offer a promotion which is open to "new bookings only". Cancel and re-booking is not an option with these because their computer system is set up to detect that.

Otherwise if the price drops before final payment, Carnival will simply adjust the rate because it is much simpler to do that than cancel and re-book...a lot less paperwork. If the price drops after final payment Carnival will often offer either an upgrade or somethimes on board credit for the difference but not a refund of the difference. Again, a lot less paperwork.


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Usually, the latest time to book would be two week prior to sailing. That's because passenger manifests need to be cleared by security and screened by law enforcement. Occasionally, you can get a booking in the last couple days, but those are extremely rare.

My advice is book early. The best cabins go quickly.