How should I buy my ticket?

I'm zeroing in on an Alaskan cruise for me and my family on either HAL, Celebrity, Princess, or NCL and I'm writing to ask, in the next week, when I figure out exactly what cruise we want to take how should I go about buying our tickets? I'm leaning toward going with my local travel agency who on first visit seems to be fairly well versed on creating cruise itineraries. Should I go with them, or should I go through some other maybe internet agent who can get me a deep discount?

Thanks everybody!

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We have been fortunate to have a TA that we have used for over 23 years.

If we were to lose her I would deal directly with the cruise line.

I have read too many horror stories on various cites of people who wanted to save money, booked with an online agency and then the agency disappeared, or lost their reservation, etc. JMO -- I will never book with an online agency just to try to save a few dollars.

Others here will say they have dealt with online agencies and have had no problems.

One thing you should ask when booking a cruise -- should anything happen and you want to cancel the cruise or change agencies -- ask if they have a cancellation fee.


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IF you have done all the work picked out your cruise etc.etc. and you are comfortable with dealing with cruise lines direct re: Air ( I assume you are from Eastern USA), transfers etc etc etc. then there is no reason not to deal direct with them and use them as your agent.

Dealing with your own local TA that you know (??) could be more comfortable and you would have someone local and easy to seek advice and help from. (Assuming that they would be easy to contact and get that advice)

Internet agencies have their advantages and disadvantages and are left best to those with high self confidence levels. Any cost savings should be looked at in two lights. Your cruise's number of days divided into the savings. How much do you actually save per day ? ..and do the savings you think you are getting actually have all those "Other" costs in. Taxes fee's, taxis, Air (Direct and/or easy flight connections.) etc etc.