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How to contact Red October Tours in St. Petersburgh

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Lady R., Sep 30, 2003.

  1. Lady R.

    Lady R. Guest

    Would be very appreciative for information on contacting Red October Tours in St. Petersburgh or a website that would give us information about them, type of tours, cost, visa information, etc. Thanks, Rebecca & James
  2. juliejoe

    juliejoe Guest

    Red October email is: redoctober@peterlink.ru

    web site is: http://www.redoctober.spb.ru/RedOct800x600/index.htm

    If you go to the Baltic Ports of Call message board at cruisecritic.com you will find a great deal of information about Red October.

    Here are a few other web sites you may be interested in since you are going to St. Petersburg.

    We're doing the Baltic/St. Petersburg itinerary on the Grand next August.

    Pictures, information & links:

    The Hermitage – Virtual Tour

    Good Article about the Renovation of St. Petersburg for 300th Anniversary in 2003

    The Peterhof

    Nicholas and Alexandra


    An online book about Romanov Russia Written by Anna AlexandrovnaVyrubova in 1923


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