How to get from San Juan to Port ?



just wondering - altho i'm sure all that is taken care of - but i would like to know what are the ways that we get from san juan airport to the cruise port?

we fly into san juan on sat / march 15, 03, at 100 p.m., and constellation leaves at 11:00 p.m. - so i'm sure we'll have time to get there ! but do we need to get on a list for a shuttle? or taxi's, etc.?

and for those of you who have cruised with the ships leaving at night (11:00p.m. to be exact) - what time do they let you on the ship?

thank you all !
pam and family


You can take a taxi to the cruise terminal. Arriving at 1pm at the airport will put you there after baggage pickup about 1:45pm. After inprocessing you should be able to board right away. Most cruises originating there leave at night.


A taxi is your best choice--it's not terribly expensive (around $20) and takes about thirty minute or so from airport to pier (depending on traffic). You could request cruise line transfers but then you'd be in a que for a bus and it would likely take longer. In a taxi, you can beat the bus and possibly avoid a check in line.


If you are arriving at around 1:00 PM you should be at the pier by no later than 1:40 to 2:00 PM by taking a taxi. It is the best bet. By that time all passengers have left the ship from the previous cruise and you should be able to board almost immediately. You can checkout the ship or grab a bite to eat in the lido resteurant. While sailing is not until 11:00 PM you can still have plenty of time getting familiar with the ship, your cabin etc. Have sailed out of San Juan 5 or 6 times so if you have further questions just e-mail me.