How to post a picture??

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I know how to set up a folder on my computer to get pictures from my camera to the computer.

I also know how to post pictures on another site -- but can't find out how to do them here.


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Yonnie - you need to have your photographs stored on a website. Photobucket, which is what I use, is one of those sites.

This is a photo of my first dog, Topaz.

these begin and end the link

I've purposely left a space between

Here's the photo without the spaces...

Hope this helps a bit? If you are referring to CC, you post photos the exact same way here.

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Thanks Mary Ann.

I don't belong to photobucket or any of those things.

I also belong to Cruise Line Fans where we don't have to belong to any of those sites to post a picture.

Thanks -- Topaz was cute!!


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Thanks, Yonnie. Topaz WAS a beautiful dog - her eyes were stunning. Sadly, I lost her to cancer at a young age for Lhasa Apsos.

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Also Yonnie, Einstein put together a tutorial on the cruise chat board that will help you to post pictures from Cruise addicts.
That might help you also.

Photobucket is a free photo storage site, and putting a picture in your post from there consists of first running your cursor across the photo and viewing the options, they will give you a choice of codes depending where you want to post to it. Or if you are not sure what code to use, just click on the photo and it will enlarge. and then right clicking on it and when the box comes up, choose "copy image location"

come to the board, open your post. look at that little icon up above that looks like a picture with a postage stamp in the right corner. click on it and a little box will come up with "Http" highlighted in blue.
right click on it and select "paste" The code of your photo will appear in it. then click "OK" and your picture will be in the post just as mine is below.