How's Pucci this mornining Mary Ann....


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I'm sorry - I just got on the board now. Both Pucci and I did sleep last night (whew), but Pucci wouldn't drink water again this morning and continued to refuse to eat. He also started licking his stitches so I reluctantly put his cervical collar on. He looks like Mr. Pathetic.

Since Melinda was here today, I ran a quick errand, and brought back wraps for lunch and chicken breasts to boil for Pucci. I purposely put the bag containing the pastic-covered wraps on the floor - his nose was sniffing around in there. Melinda and I smiled at each other. We sat down to eat, pulling the wrap off - Pucci wolfed it down as fast as we could offer it to him.

Thank you for your concern.


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I missed your post about Pucci because it came on my day off. Glad to hear he is doing well.

Scritches to that little rascal from Susan and I.


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Wheew....I was starting to get really worried. I'm glad the little fellow is beginning to feel better! Special gentle skritches from the two footed folks who live here and inquisitvie sniffs and gentle witters from the four footed guys!


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Phew, that is a big relieve....I am glad to hear you both got some rest and the little fellow is eating. Hope he continues to do well :clap:


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Now, picture a certain someone watching me place some chicken on his dog food, and then bringing the plate to him. Smarty pants ate the chicken and barely touched his dog food. So I went and got a bit more chicken and schredded little slivers on his food. He wolfed the chicken but reluctantly ate his dog food. He finally DID eat and drink water afterwards. GOOOOOOOOD boy!

Thank you for your concern. It is very much appreciated.

Lisa - how is Frasier doing?

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Mary Ann

So glad that Pucci and you had a good night's sleep.

Pucci ate!! That is wonderful!!

Looks as though everything will soon be back to normal -- just keep that chicken coming !!

Cruise cutie

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Ah..broke my own getting crazy for work at 5AM rule..and stopped by as I'm 7A-7P today...:(..

and since it's TGIF..going to be a nasty stretch today at that..HUGE hugs ..going in the right direction..if I can get to you tonight I will..XXOO Dear Paesana....Joanne


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Soooo glad to hear that Pucci is eating and drinking! I'm sure it won't take long for him to get real used to that chicken instead of dog food! LOL


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Good to hear that Pucci is doing a little better. I'am glad he likes chicken & has started to eat & drink again.


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Good morning, all, and again thank you.

We have a Vet appointment this morning. Pucci seemed to make progress yesterday - drank water, ate a bit. I avoided giving him pain medication because it can have some serious side effects. Shortly after I put him in bed last night, he began wimpering and wimpering and wimpering. I got up and give him a pain pill, but it still took over an hour for him to get comfortable. :(

i'll check in later today with another update. I certainly am grateful for your concern.


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:( Glad you are taking the little gentleman for another vet visit...better to be on the safe side!! I'll be checking for a follow up post! HUGS!!!