How's Pucci this mornining Mary Ann....


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Thank you.

The Vet removed the bandage from his paw (ahhhh - freedom!), so now I need to keep on eye on two things. His paw and his stitches. If he tries to lick, I'll have to show Pucci his cervical collar.

Pucci was also given a pain med shot. He's sitting quietly by my side.

He says WOOF to all for your kind concern.

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Pucci, this is your Cousin Big Guy, please, do not touch your stitches.

Ok moi here, Pucci, glad your eating and drinking water, and starting to feel better. Hopefully both of you will get some sleep tonight.


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Thank you everyone, and a special MEOW to Big Guy.

Pucci ate dinner - not a huge amount, but he probably would have scarfed down more chicken. I must be careful, though, because he would then refuse to eat his prescription dog food!

Hopefully today's pain shot will keep him comfy tonight. Hopefully, too, he won't try licking his stitches.


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I specifically came on the boards today to see how Pucci was doing and am glad to hear he's making slow, but good progress. I'm sure getting the stitches out will help him relax. Give Pucci kisses from me and Taz. :sunny:


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Continued good wishes for Pucci from Louie, Georgie, Leatherneck and me....hope he had a good night's sleep.


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{{{HUGS}}} to all.

We had a fairly restful night last night, but I'll reluctantly have to put his cervical collar on today as he's constantly trying to lick the stitches where the lipoma was removed. He DID smother me with kisses this morning for the first time since surgery - needless to say, I was overjoyed. He also drank some water - yippee.

I truly appreciate your care and concern.:thankyou:


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Thanks, Charles. I'm keeping a close enough watch on him that I haven't had to put the dreaded collar on. Pucci does come over to me from time to time for me to gently caress the area around the stitches. I can tell he's uncomfortable. :(


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Bandit and Cocoa have volunteered to lick Pucci's stitches for him since he can't do it, but I told them to forget it! You've created a monster with the chicken, haven't you? That reminds me of our visit to one of the Iditarod musher's kennel when the guy told us that when the dogs get too tired to eat their other varieties of meat, he has to feed them beaver to get them to eat again. Have you tried that????? What, you have no beaver in Arizona? Just kidding, of course! The three furkids send get well wags and woofs.


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Hmmm...I wonder if beaver is available in Vancouver. Uh...just a minute. Isn't beaver part of the rodent family? Pucci will have to be satisfied with chicken!