Hucc - further news



I was late in checking this board this morning just does not seem fair that some families have to go thru so much and especailly Oliver who already had had his share in his young life. My prayers for solace in these final months for them all.


This is very sad news to come home to. Hucc isn't just a poster on this board, he is part of our wider family, and I know that we will all feel his absence to the deepest levels of our heart. The qualities that Hucc has given to this board cross so many lines, and touched us all in so many way.

My thoughts and prayers are with Hucc, Koolaid and Oliver. May they find the strength they need to get through all the tomorrows to follow.


I am so very very saddened by this news. Although I have never personally met Hucc, I remember when they went thru the adoption with Oliver & I so admired their love & affection as they went thru the process. Oliver obviously has not had an easy life & I am so sorry that their time together as a family is being cut so short; sometimes life just doesn't seem fair. Even though their time is being cut short I am sure that this young family has created some wonderful memories together & memories will last forever for Oliver. Perhaps with the time that is left they will be able to squeeze out a few more good memories; hopefully some memroies that will be free from the hospital setting. I wish the best for this family as they travel this dreadful road. My heart is truly breaking today for all of them.


Although I don't post like I used to I never 'left' the board and I visit daily, I am just too sad for words today :(


Thank you on behalf of the family for all your wonderful words and prayers. Young Oliver is the one, especially, who needs our prayers and support.

Hucc, at least for now, has lost the ability to speak. I don't know if he'll regain the use of speech or not. That is tied in with his difficulty in swallowing.

I'll continue updates as I receive them.

Mary Ann


This is horrible news! Our thoughts and prayers are with Hucc and his family. Thanks Maryann for giving us the update.


I have met Hucc, Koolaid and Oliver and they are truly wonderful people. Hucc touched my life and was such a support to me when I was first diagnosed that I will never ever forget him and will miss his emails and friendship.

I am so sad today that I am crying as I write this and read everyone's posts. May God be with all of them.



Reading the posts above has me crying, too. Hucc not speaking... How do we comfort Oliver? This is a nightmare for him. He's old enough to understand and young enough to NOT understand. Continued thoughts and prayers from me in NJ.


I am saddened, heartbroken and speechless. I had not read any previous threads about Hucc doing worse. The last I read, things were looking OK. I haven't been on the boards much the last few days, and when I was, I didn't really read many threads. So I was taken aback when I read your post Mary Ann. I don't even know what to say. I have tears in my eyes as I type, because I felt the closest to Hucc than I do with any other poster. He and I shared some PMs in the past and he also gave me his home address to send little "brighten up your day" cards to. My prayers are with him now, and with Oliver, Koolaid, and the rest of the their family. If and when God decides it's time to call Hucc home, I know he then will be a peace, but it will be Oliver and Koolaid who will bear the pain and sorrow of broken hearts. I don't even know what else to say.


My heart just aches for Hucc and all of his family. When I first read Mary Ann's post, my first thought was "this sucks!"......just what Calgon said. Why, why, why do bad things happen to good people? I do believe that things can turn around when you least expect it to....that is what I'll will hang on to.....that Hucc will somehow get through this and bounce back. He has always been such an inspiration here.........please let them know that we're sending huge cyber hugs and love their way.

H2O babe

I have never met Hucc but will keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers. I don't know if Koolaid would be interested in starting a caringbridge site but I know that it is a nice way for many many people to stay in touch and offer support to them all. I, too, am at a loss to know what to say.



I'm sorry that I am so late posting on this but we were out of town and just arrived home about an hour ago. I have read every post above and Calgon said it best. Bad news like this really sucks.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Hucc, Koolaid and Oliver. I just don't know what else to say.

Bibb & Karen


I can vouch for the fact that Hucc and Koolaid are wonderful people, who gave their time and love to their adopted son Oliver. I am totally distraught to hear this. I have met both on a cruise we all went on and Hucc had a smile all the time! God bless you Hucc and may God's arms surround you in His love.


I echo what the others have said. I have never met anyone off this board, but feel I know many. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.