Hucc R.I.P.



Our heart goes out to Hucc family, we did not know him personally only thru the boards but knew he was a amazing person thru his posts

Jeanie & Rick


Thank you, on behalf of the family, for your continuing outpouring of condolences. They are much appreciated. As I write, the funeral service (or celebration of life as Hucc preferred) should be drawing to a close.

Denise - thank you. Most of the thanks go to Lisa63 who has done an inordinate amount of work behind the scenes. She and I have been in touch constantly since Hucc entered hospice.

Mary Ann

red stripe

I am so sorry to see this post.

I did not know Hucc as some of you did, but the loss of any soul diminishes all of us.
death is a thief that steals even the young.

My condolences to the friends and family of Hucc.


I did not know him personally, but heaven is a very lucky place. Sincere condolences to Koolaid, Oliver and the families.


Dear friends,

Thank you again for your kind wishes for Koolaid and family. The service was held yesterday (Wednesday) and was lovely and classy, just like our Hucc. The prior night, many of the visitors read the two cards (large posters, actually), one of which was the list of nearly ten dozen names of @ddicts who "signed" last week, an idea that ShipMaven had proposed. The other was at Koolaid's request, and, out of respect for his privacy, I will not go into detail, but know that it also showed the love, support, and breadth of Hucc's C@ family.

Many of you have thanked me for being an ambassador for @ddicts. While I appreciate that, there is really no need. We are very close friends of the family, and would have been there no matter what, just as Hucc and his family would have done if the situation were reversed. Know that I'm OK -- usually. I also apologize in advance if I decline to answer some questions, as it was a highly personal and emotional couple of days. That said, I am grateful for the support I continue to receive and, more importantly to me, for the support shown to K & O. The only thing I do ask is that you continue to keep K & O in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks.

Hugs to all,


Thank you Lisa....we all know that this has been a great loss to you too and our prayers are with you and your family for your loss of a good friend as well as with Oliver and Koolaid.


I haven't been online in a LONG time, but my aunt (PegPort) has been keeping updated and just mentioned Hucc's passing to me today. I'm in total shock! My prayers are with Koolaid and Oliver and all of Hucc's friends and family.


I was so very saddened to hear about Hucc's passing. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice...on the Legend cruise out of BYC and at the first Boston B@sh lobster luncheon a fewe years ago. He was a lovely and genuine person.

My thoughts and prayers are with KoolAid and Oliver.....i hope they find some peace at this extremely difficult time...i can't even begin to imagine what they are going through. Much love to them...and to Hucc who was such a beautiful person and so well loved by the Cruise Addicts community.

Robin and family.


[large][/large]So very sorry to hear of HUCC's passing. I have not been on here in a long time. My prayers to all friends and family.