I am Devastated...and Need some BIG Prayers


S&M in Pgh

Oh Denise, Mike & I are so sorry to hear this, hang in there and be strong for Jenny & the kids, they'll need your stability. I found that when dealing with Mike's various health issues (several back procedures and his 2-yr knee drama) that you have to deal with one issue at a time and not deal with "what ifs".
Take cares, hugs,
Susie & Mike


Calgon1 said:
As SunFlower said, the offer is always open ....
To both you and Sunflower for the offer.....I so enjoyed my chat with Pat on the phone yesterday. Miss you guys.

Jenny is doing well so far...with having her boys this weekend and Nate having his two kids too...and taking care of him, it's keeping her mind off things. Tomorrow we will celebrate her two boy Nathanael and Jack's birthday...Jack was 3 on Monday and Nathanael will be 5 in two weeks. But we are anxious for Monday's appointment to get here!


Hi Denise,

We are thinking of Jenny (and momma), thinking good thoughts! {{{{HUGS}}}}