I broke My Ankle On my 1st Excursion!!



Wouldn't you know it, on my very first excursion at the Mendelhall Glacier in Juneau, I broke my ankle!
But don't worry about me, I didn't miss one buffet, one show or any of my other excursions. If anyone has any questions about Alaksa, what to pack, weather, or the Radiance of the Seas, just ask. I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

In a nutshell, you should pack: Sweatshirts, a windbreaker, sneakers, jeans. Don't bother packing shorts or a bathing suit - the only people in the hot tubs or pools were children. Of course some dressy clothes for the two formal nights on the ship but other than that, you can go to dinner in jeans on all other nights. Lots and lots of film or batteries for your camera. You don't really need binoculars, most excursions that view wildlife lend you binoculars.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

Hope this info is helpful.


Bummer about the leg.

I disagree about the binoculars. There are many sights to view directly from the ship and binoc's come in very handy for that. Especially if you have a balcony cabin.

We've cruised Alaska 3 times and did have times in the hot tubs and pools without kids, however there were many kids around.

We also had 80 deg weather in Juneau and Skagway on one cruise so one set of lighter wear might be a good idea. That trip we were quite hot in those towns.

Me thinks you're going to get some negative response to the jeans on non-formal nights comment. ; ^ )


Sorry to hear that you broke your ankle. I've a silly question actually. We're stopping in Victoria, ketchikan, skagway and juneau. I often hear about the northern lights in alaska. Can we view them from these ports? (not sure if we're north enough). And if so, what time is best to look out at the skies?? Thank you.


How did you break your ankle?

By the way, I didn't think jeans were allowed in the dining room in the evening?????????

Pat from Ottawa

Re: lisalovlee33 and northern lights

I have seen the Northern Lights when we lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is at 50 degrees north latitude. Saw them frequently when in Cold Lake, Alberta at 54 degrees north latitude, which is similar latitude to Ketchican (the most southerly port). Now it is just a matter of chance.

While researching an interesting glowing cloud in Tuesday nights sky (turned out to be a fuel dump from an Atlas rocket), I saw an article that said the conditions are right for northern lights any time now. There were some photos posted. It has a lot to do with solar flares or some such thing.

So, keep check in the night sky and good luck.

Check out www.spaceweather.com



Sorry to hear about your ankle...
Glad you had a good time.

About the jeans... We saw people in t-shirts and jeans all the way up to tuxedos on all nights (formal and informal). I don't see why people care about what other people wear anyways...


Sorry you broke your ankle . I broke mine in two places in the Cayman Islands on a cruise and had to fly home for suregery. Glad you did not miss out on too much of your cruise.


We saw it in Skagway. What a remarkable thing to see. Just sorry that it wasn't announced on the PA so that other ppl have the chance to see it!!