I Called Connie...


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I just realized I had her phone number and called. I got her machine. NOW I am REALLY worried.:( Thoughts and prayers for Connie.

Krazy Kruizers

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When I read that you had called Connie -- I started to jump for joy -- but that was quickly dashed when I read the actual thread.

Also worried about her.


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I sure hope it's just a computer issue, or power problem. Prayers for Connie.....

Waiting and hoping that Scrapbook Lady posts something soon.


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We miss you!
It shows what a great little community Cruise @ddicts is that when one of our own is not heard from for a couple of days, we all worry...
I know Connie reported having a flu...hopefully she's just recouperation and maybe just has other things to deal with than visiting here...
Let's all hope that nothing is serious...that she's just tired and resting and not picking up the phone...

And, Connie, when you get back, start taking some NORMAL HOURS OF SLEEP!! You really don't have to post photos at 3 in the morning!


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I'm worried too, but I agree with Patty; this might just be as simple as a computer/power outage problem. At least my fingers are crossed that's all it is...when DS was in USMC our motto was no news is good news. If something happened, I am sure someone would post on the board.