I Feel like we've been told to walk the plank



Hi Meg, just go to the drink thread and order yourself a frozen thingie and then you will have an excuse for fuzzy brain. LOL

Connie, if you post your photos here then tons of folks will flock to this new site just to check them out. COOL

Bobbie, good idea about combining the Q&A and communtiy boards right now since they are both cruise related. I thought maybe this board might be better named

Hucc, we're all still here, just had to shuffle some of us to another part of the ship when we feel like playing, that's all.

Just keep that link on the top of the page in extra bold print, that's all I ask. Maybe the community board should be in bold as well John.

Hugs, Mari

Gayle V

Bobbie you are probably correct, because I don't understand the difference between what should go on the Q&A board versus what should now go on the Community board.


I do understand every ones confusion but I do believe that once the dust settles things will be clearer. The intent by the Captain is to not eliminate OT posts on the Community Forum as it is still the Community Forum. The intent is to take the OT posts that are over running the Community Board and give them a NEW home.

The posts that seem to fall in that category are the ones that he mentioned in the forum description. Those topics over the past year seem to be the Prayers & Concerns and that is why they are mentioned in his post. The occasional OT post that does NOT over run the Community forum will still be allowed to prosper on the Community Forum.

If the same type of OT posts appear with multiple threads on a daily basis for a significant time frame and overshadow the cruise related posts and other occasional OT postings on the Community Forum that is when a shift of that type of OT post may need to be shifted to the Aft Deck Forum.

Only time will be the telling tale whether there are other OT posts that display the same type of overshadowing as the Prayers & Concerns OT posts do. This is a work in progress effort so lets NOT make ANY changes until we see what happens from the 1st series of changes made by Capitain John.

The Aft deck forum was created to relieve the Community forum from the repetitious OT posts that were beginning to over run the Community forum and dwarf any of the other cruise or OT related posts on the Community Forum. The majority of OT posts WILL still be allowed to thrive on as will be evident as the current changes take effect.

So lets let the current changes work their magic and sit back and watch. By observing I am sure that it will be evident there will be OT posts on the Community Forum and they WILL be allowed to thrive. It will also be evident if there are certain types of OT posts that begin to over run the Community Forum they will begin to find their move over to the Aft Deck Forum.



I guess I need to express an opinion, too.

I have no problem with The Aft Deck (although I had to scroll up to check the name!! :lol ), but I feel Cruise @ddicts would lose a lot if the "COMMUNITY BOARD" were dropped. The friendliness of that Board is what distinguishes Cruise @ddicts from the many other cruise-related forums. It may take a little adjustment - speaking for myself - to remember what gets posted where, especially since many of my posts in the past few months have been to request prayers for friends (2-footed and 4-footed), but I strongly feel that the "heart and soul" of Cruise @ddicts will be lost if the Community Board disappears.


I was going to wait until the dust settles but decided to go ahead and post. Please read what John, bOB and E are saying.

I understand some are confused to why this was done. I've been here since the begining. Sure people have come and gone over the years and the dynamics have changed. People don't like change. But keep in mind this is a "Community". In that, there is an inner group within the community that like to use the board for prayer/pet/etc. The interest for this subject matter may not be wide spread. Sure people can skip over them and not read or response. But obviously this has become a problem and some of the "Community" has requested this change.

I think having this new forum is great. It gives those a place to discuss personal items, ask for support, talk about their dog, stories etc. Those that enjoy this discussion will come here. I highly doubt the Community board will die as a result. I hope some of our old-timers come out of the woodwork and start participating again. That would be great. :)


[quote Hucc]John, as you know, I appreciate your site and all the work you and your helpers put into it.

I think it's great we have our own place. Perhaps it's the name that rubbed me the wrong way. The "AFT" is like the back of the bus.

Maybe if you called it the Atrium. :) :)

=huh Change is always difficult. if The AFT is not a good choice then how
about 'The Crow's Nest'. On P&O's liner the Canberra there was an excellent bar named that. But as is said in another post, AFT on any
ship is beautiful.....you can sit there looking at the ship'swake, the sun setting on the horizon, the flying fish leaping....the drink steward in his whites. OOPS! But you get my drift.
JMHO but we need to 'reducate' so the correct forum is found. I do not feel that there will be any pain.


See, I chose the name "The AFT Deck" because I honestly love it. So I'm glad you feel the same way. :)


No, Hucc........all the personal stuff that had nothing to do with cruising is what has turned some people off on this board......I agree with John and I, for one, am loving the changes.... thanks John



I have to agree that it seems that some non cruise related stuff is still being allowed on the Community Board. It appears that it depends on who you are whether you are allowed to post non-cruise related stuff there. I do realize John, that it's only been 24 hours since you announced this change, but that doesn't negate the fact that it is now more confusing than ever! :lol I've always loved this community and even though I've never met any of you in person, I somehow always felt connected with the wonderful people here. I only post and read from work since I still have dial-up service at home (yes...I know....pathetic isn't it), and already this morning, I've spent way too much time flipping between this board and the Community Board trying to decide why some posts are there and others are here. So as of now, I'm officially becoming a lurker on the Community Board and hope and pray that I'll still see some of the "Aft" posters over there so I don't lose touch completely. I don't know why some people put down the other sites so strongly. I wandered over there yesterday and it wasn't so bad. I think there's room for everybody in the cyber space sandbox. I guess only time will tell what happens to this site. I feel close to everyone here cybernetically (and yes John, that means you too), but still can't help but feel that some people are getting preferential treatment as to where they can post. I do think that some people had a wonderful idea about just discontinuing the Community Board completely. However, I personally think (and this is just my own opinion), that this Aft board should be done away with and the Community board should remain. I'm not dumb, and if I was a newcomer to this site, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Cruise Q&A board would be strictly cruise related questions and/or comments and that the Community board was just what it implied......a community of people gathering to talk about cruises, dogs, cats.......life.


The community board is our most popular board of our site. So all I'm asking is that we re-focus more on cruise and community related topics. Thats all, no more, no less.


I have no problem checking out both forums, but I am afraid that the community board will now hurt and not be used as much as it should because of this change. We all have important statements to make about our cruises, our cruise experiences, questions directed to cruising and now there will be quite a few , who are not going on a cruise or won't be for another year or so, and those members will now kind of stick to the AFT forum, which will cause the community board to be less important. I don't know if I explained that very well, but if it doesn't work out I am sure John will keep an eye out and make changes if he has to.

H2O babe

I, too, asked why Maw's Office thread is still on the community board. After I read the new posting suggestions I came over here to read it, only to find it still on the community board forum. I read it everyday and almost everyday it has nothing to do with cruising, which is fine with me. I read it because I like it and like to know what's going on in her life and the lives of other posters. I don't have a problem coming over here to look at threads. I enjoy all the pictures conniecat posts and all the rambles that get started. I'm okay with them here but I would just like to see them all here instead of going over to what should now be "cruise" information on the community forum.



This is an excerpt from a post I made a couple of days ago, in which I asked if my understanding of the difference between the two boards was correct (and I was told it was):

Community Board: posts that have an impact on most posters, preferably cruise-related, such as weather reports, cruise photos, cruise news, and an exception for Maw's office ramble (as it, IMO, ties our community together)

Aft Deck: posts that have an impact on few posters, mostly of a personal nature such as prayer requests, recipes, jokes, and other non-cruise related topics.

Back to the present... the distinction is then most vs. one or few. I think that's pretty simple to remember when creating a new thread. JMHO.


Well, it's been a couple days since the changes and now that we have figured out what goes where I think most of us are OK with the changes.
Those of us who frequently post prayer requests usually felt kinda guilty for putting a damper on the Community Board so it's a good move to give us a place to ask for support and not bother those who don't care to read this. Don't worry, those C@ who like this personal interaction will soon know where to look for those requests. We'll probably go to the Aft Deck first to check on our friends, then just have to get used to board flipping to keep up with the cruise related posts.
Just a personal comment. All of this change has made me think long and hard about my C@ cyberbuddies. These wonderful folks are some of the most important people in my lives right now. Cruising is on the back burner for me since my Cancer diagnosis and the uncertain financial difficulties it has caused. I am grateful for a forum dedicated to those of us who use C@ as a lifeline to sanity and moral support. Hopefully some day my main focus will once again be cruising. But until then you'll probably see me posting more on the Aft Deck and checking in on my wonderful friends there who have been such great emotional support for me over the past 2 years.

Hugs to you all, Mari