I finally got my wish



since I began working at the drug store in July I have only had a couple days off because I either work there or at a group home every single day or evening. This afternoon I turned off my phone to take my nap before my 8-midnight shift and just now found a message from my supervisor. The power is off at the store, don't bother coming in.
YIPPEE Now I could take another nap, but I'm already wide awake. :cool:

Oh wait,DARN, that means less $ in the next pay check. Oh well!
Guess I'll just have to make the most of my surprise vacation without pay.

HMM, will I play around on the board, catch up on my emails, clean something, watch TV, read, cook something yummy, do my ironing?
Soooo many choices. =?

What would you do if no one knew that you had the evening free? no one to answer to, no obligations, just time to do as you please ~~~
I know, think I'll have myself a wine cooler to begin with. LOL (tu)

Hugs, Mari


Hey girl, you deserve a break. Put your feet up and enjoy that wine cooler. close your eyes and picture yourself on a lounge chair on a beautiful cruise ship. snap you fingers and tell the dog to bring you some h'dourves.


If I had off and no one I knew knew I had off I'd probably do something that only I would enjoy and no one I knew would want to do

:dizzy ... that sounds like Sally sells sea shells ... :lol


Congratulations Mariposa. The exact opposite happened to me today.

Now I was supposed to have today off because I worked on Sunday. My boss called me this morning at 8:30am. Well I have scheduled a very important meeting at noon she said, lunch will be provided can you possibly come in. So now I will have about 6 hours of overtime this week. :lol

Mariposa I would soak my feet, while playing on the computer and then repaint my toe nails. Instead I'm doing the laundry that didn't get done Sunday or today :lol :lol :lol


A glass of wine and a good cry where neither of my boys could see....but I would much rather have them here asking me to do a 100 things I don't want to do. Enjoy your evening girlfriend. And thank you so very much for that very sweet card for Elliott and the treat inside for me.
Love Ya


:cool: Have a long relaxing bath after chilling the wine cooler, then put on
a long flowing robe (or PJs), a dab of your favorite perfume. Then get
on the lounge and lie back and imagine that it is the Aft Deck of your
favorite ship. Maybe a little soft music & lights AND then maybe just falling straight to sleep and having a good rest!
Whatever the choice ENJOY.