I found the worlds largest cat box!



We have four indoor cats, and their 2 boxes create so much dust in the room I share with them. It used to be just storage and cat boxes, but then I moved my crafting and scrapbooking stuff in there, and that dust is really affecting my paper, my adhesives, my electronics, and ME!

So I ran to PetSmart to see what alternatives I could find. This has to be the worlds's largest cat litter box! Only $19.99. Two of my cats are really big cats, so this should be good for them, too! Heck, it's big enough that Kiefer could use it (but I don't think the cats would be happy with that!)


I also found a litter box cover that covers 80% of it, and leaves enough room for the cats to jump in and out of. That should cut down on the dust, too.

I'll be cleaning and moving and readjusting things tonight and tomorrow. Now I just have to hope the cats are as happy as me!


I have a large one like that. It uses so much litter it is very heavy to clean and empty. But it's great for the cats. My one I keep in the bathroom for them is so small, Scooter's head and shoulders stick out while he uses it.


I love the compartments for the scoopers. It's always great to find a solution to a problem. Looks great, too.

I've had great success with another box that PetSmart carries. It is tall enough to deal with the *misses* and reduces tracking and dust to almost nothing. I have it in the main powder room so any guest using the bathroom won't have to view the contents of the litter box. <http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2754439&cp=2767033.2845026&pg=5&fbn=Taxonomy%7CLitter+Boxes+%26+Accessories&fbc=1&clickid=topnav_dropdown1_link11&parentPage=family&keepsr=1>


I saw this, and liked it. But two of my cats are very long, and this is a workable solution for them. But this concept you showed is such a great idea...