i had an accident

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sorry for the small type and no capitals.

we were at the airport hotel last night and i had a very bad fall.

after a visit to med-express i have soft cast on my left arm and wrist -- i have at least 1 broken bone -- possibly a second fracture. have to get hold of my ortho surgeon tomorrow -- they tried to call him last night -- nothing even on his answering service. my right side is completely bruised so i have limited use of that arm and that part of my body.

needless to say we are home -- no cruise.

i will not be able to be online much.


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Oh my goodness, I am so, so sorry that you've fallen and broken your arm. I wish you well in getting it fixed!! (((HUGS)))


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Oh no! Terrible news. :doubledown: So sorry to hear this. You know, there are better ways to meet cute doctors and nurses ...

Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery, and a rebooking.:cheer:

Hmmm. Would Bermuda in May interest you?:doubleup:


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What an awful thing to happen! And losing out on the cruise on top of this. I am so sorry to hear this news. Hopefully there is better news when you see your doctor, and there isn't a second broken bone. Prayers you feel better soon.

Oh wait... what? Kiefer says doggies kisses heal, so he's sending some to you.


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So very sorry, KK....not the way you wanted things to go...

I hope they can take care of your arm tomorrow, without delay....and prayers for quick healing!

The cruise will just be delayed a little....and will be there when you are well again.


So sorry KK that you fell and injured your self--I dread getting thru airports too. Last Feb. I fell at airport and went around all cruise with a black and blue face. Red said she did not want me to do that again as she ws afraic that people would think my friends had abused me. Do hope you have insurance and can book something again soon. Hugs and take it easy.


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Oh KK....I cannot tell you how sorry I am to read this. I sounds like you did take a terrible tumble. I hope you get to see your doctor very soon...I know even that will help you start to feel better. Do take care, get lots of rest and let your body heal....and while you do that perhaps you can be planning your next cruise. :biggrin: Many gentle hugs are being sent your way!


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Oh Vonnie, I am so sorry to hear you had an accident. I hope you get to see your Dr soon and he can put things back to right and you heal quickly. Bummer that you had to miss the cruise too but get well soon so you can rebook!


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I am so sorry to read this Yonnie - hate to say it brings back memories of my fall that made me cancel my December cruise.

I wish you a quick and comfortable recovery.

God bless!


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How awful for you!! You've been hit with a double whammy--the pain of the broken arm & the disappointment about the cruise you have been looking forward to. Hope the arm heals quickly. Please tell us that you had insurance to cover the cruise.


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I am so sorry that you fell, broke some bones and had to cancel your cruise! I hope you get into your Ortho Dr soon and that you can rebook your cruise.



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So sorry to hear this. You must be so disappointed ON TOP of being in pain. Hope at least you have been able to have your injuries cared for and that you will be able to book another cruise. Please keep us updated.