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Mary Ann,

Sorry, I have not been to the "The Safe Harbour"-forum before but I can understand that you have had a very tough time lately.
I am glad to hear the positive news about Pucci!



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Thank you.

My little sweetheart, Pucci, was under anesthesia for three hours about two months ago taking care of various things, and how he had surgery again. I keep a watchful eye as he recovers now from more surgery. He's 11-1/2 years old, so these things are hard on him.

Many Cruise @ddicts are pet lovers - we are a family within the C@ family as we share our joys, our worries and our sorrows from time to time.

Mary Ann


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I was getting concerned reading this thread, so it's with relief that I read the good news. Kiefer sends his happy dance to celebrate, and wants you to know that your love and devotion to Pucci are in perfect accordance with the Doggie Union Mom rules.


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Thank you, Glo. Pucci sleeps a lot, but he's still wearing his Aloha shirt to prevent scratching the incisions.

One of my Ducky friends, among other things, sent him an I Love Ducks t-shirt. I'm waiting for my computer to be tweaked tomorrow so that I can once again upload photos from my camera - and I'll let Pucci model his new apparel. *Thank You* to the sender!