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I lost my Mom this morning.



She passed at 5:30am. She was on a Morphine drip. We drove to San Diego yesterday and stayed untill 9pm. If she could hear me or not I told her how much I loved her and what a wonderful Mom she was to all of us. My Bother called this morning at 5:50am and said she had passed.


Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. No matter how old we are, losing our parents is so difficult.


My sincere condolences on the loss of your Mother. My prayers are with you and your entire family.


Sending you my deepest sympathy on your lossing your Mom...thoughts and prayers are on the day.


I am so sorry to hear this; regardless of age, losing a parent is devastating. When my mother died we had her here at home with the aid of hospice. The last wk or so she was in a coma but I sat many times next to her bed telling her how much we all loved her. The hospice nurse finally said 1 day that she just needed to know thast it was ok to let go. I remember telling her that I would miss her but that we would be ok and the next day she did let go. When my father passed, it was out of the blue--a fatal heart attack. With mom, breast cancer spread to the pancreas & we had about 8 wks from that diagnosis to the end. I don't know which is worse--the total shock or watching & waiting knowing the end is coming. With dad I did not get to say goodbye but I know he knew how much he was loved. With mom, it was the"long goodbye" & it was dreadful seeing her suffer so even though losing her was terrible I was relieved that her suffering had come to an end. My heart ached for a very long time but it has been 8 yrs now & although I still miss her & think of her daily my broken heart has healed. Please know my thoughts are with you. You will have some difficult days but it will get better.


Glad you got to say goodbye,and she heard you sweetie! My love goes out to you this day,please accept our deepest condolences on your loss,hugs,John and Korina


I will be thinking about you and your family in this trying time. I'm glad you got to say good bye. I wish I could have told my father good bye!


Awwwwwwww....I am so sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose one we love, but we keep them in our hearts. May her memory give you strength. Prayers......