I love this website!



I've been coming to the Cruise @ddict web site for about 2 month now and I love it! All the cruise @ddicts are great! Don't know how I survived my first years of cruising without it! This web board beats all others hands down and there is someone out there ready to answer your questions or responding to what you have to say!

Thanks Cruise Addicts for giving me a place to get my in-between cruise fixes!

I would say the only downside to this board is it makes you want to cruise more than vacation time allows for!


:) :) Hi, sgrane! Glad you found this board. It is the best! Looking forward to seeing you post :) :)


Me too, Sgrane (love this site)

I have visited many but this is the best and is my home base.


Welcome, sgrane B)
This really is the best cruise board with the nicest people.
Coming to this site regularly really helps 'make my day'.
Glad you found us!
Cindy :D

Tim and Elaine

HI!!!!< sgrane!!!!! You're right , this is THE BEST site for cruise info, friendly chatter(both OT and cruisin) and the nicest people you;ll ever post with!!! Welcome Aboard, grab a frozen thingy, kick back and enjoy the cruise!!

Keep posting and KEEP ON CRUISIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim and Elaine

Liner Dan

I been checking out this site on average twice a day every day for nearly 12 months now.My reasons are
# Glade to answer and help someone else
# Very grateful to get my questions answered
# Only place where i can get direct and truth answers or feedback without someone putting you down for not knowing(yes it did happen to me on a another site, where most replys were a personal shot at those who were new)
# And last but not least it is very friendly and i also feel welcome.

P.S:The main reason i check twice a day is the time difference here downunder compared to the States.I see fresh messages all the time.
Thankyou to everyone involed and all the poster's.
Regards Liner Dan...................................