I need ideas for St. Thomas



My fiance and I will be taking the Carnival Triumph in January, and traveling to San Juan, St. Marteen and St. Thomas. We're just going to go to some bars and clubs in San Juan, and most likely Megan's Bay in St. Marteen, but we don't know what to do in St. Thomas.

I'd like to go somewhere without a large crowd where we can lay with each other on the beach, and not be fearful of many people walking up on us. I've heard Water Island is good, but don't know how easy it is to get there, etc.

A little help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


We enjoyed Sapphire Beach Resort in St. Thomas. Quiet, picturesque. It was a perfect day and I would go back there in a heartbeat.


We spent the day at Sapphire Beach and enjoyed as well..the snorkling is very good and there is even a bit of waves..which I enjoyed, as well as a small bar and refresehment stand...Snorkling equipment is available for rentals as well as paddleboats.


We went to Coki Beach. Took an open air vehicle, 5-10 minute drive. Coki beach was small and we were only approached once with wares. By noon it started to get crowded that was part of our reason for beaching it in the mornings and power shopping in the afternoon. The snorkelling there was really enjoyable as well.


Megan's Bay on St. Thomas is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. On St. Maarten, you might try going to the beach at Everyt'ings Cool. They will rent you two beach chairs and an umbrella for very little, serve up drinks and food and you might even get to hear the band play or get into some beach volleyball.


We went to Everythins Cool. It was a nice day. We got a couple chairs, a nice little lunch, some drinks and sat and watched the water activities, wave runners, trampoline in the water. It was a peaceful day. We had a ball. Would go again... Stephanie


I suggest while you are in St. Thomas you take the water taxi to St. Johns and go to Trunk bay. You can see some of the pictures, in galleries go to Hooked's Century.
We did the Golden Eagle snorkle and beach Excursion, this was the best excursion we have been on, a lot of fun.

Little Irene

We were in St Thomas a few years ago and we took a catamaran ride that took us out to a little island to do some snorkeling. I don't know exactly what it was but just sitting on the bow of the catamaran was so much fun. we would do again.


My wife and I have visited St. Thomas 4 times by cruise ship. We've always had a good time there. One year, we took the laid-back approach and rode the Paradise Point tram to the top and drank brews with a few other couples all afternoon. Very relaxing!

On another visit, we took a taxi to Coki beach to swim and sunbathe. Very enjoyable.

On another visit, we took an island tour since my wife wanted to shop... and shop... and shop...

On our last visit earlier this month, we took the 5-star snorkel tour to Trunk Bay in St. John. That was fabulous! During the ride to Trunk Bay, the tour guide explained a lot of the sights we passed. We snorkeled for a solid 2+ hours at Trunk Bay. We had time to swim over to a secluded beach to relax and enjoy the views. The sand was ohhh so white, soft, and comfortable. I had a waterproof camera with me and got some pretty good underwater pictures. (A camera with a zoom lense would have been better for on-board picture taking.) If you do decide to snorkel, be the first off the tour boat into the water, before the group scares the fish away. The crew served us free, unlimited rum punches on the return ride to the cruise ship pier.

Next trip to St. Thomas, we want to go to Frenchman's Beach/cove. We hear that this is a clothing optional beach.

BTW, we always go to Orient Beach at St. Maarten. It's on the French side of the island, a short taxi ride away. Very relaxing beach!

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Dean Packingham

I agree with the advice for Trunk Bay. It is absolutely amazing! It is consistently rated as one of the top 3 beaches in the WORLD according to various surveys, including National Geographic. It was very safe due to the fact that it is part of the National Park Service of the U.S. There are also lifeguards on duty. My mind keeps going back to Trunk Bay throughout this winter - it is absolutely stunning.

Of course, there are also tons of other great locations on St Thomas, St John, etc. If you are in St. Thomas, BE SURE to visit Grandma Sandy's Cookie Shop. Your stomache will thank you - and Grandma Sandy is such a hoot!

kathy vicchiollo

try www.godfreytoursvi.com

we booked him (no deposit) on line. for $20 he'll take you shopping, island tour, to the beach, he picks you up at the ship and returns you at least an hour before you sail. great tour at a great price!

Cheryl Resendez

We went on a day sail with Horizon's Day sail. They have a full open bar with frozen drinks, gourmet lunch and they take you to snorkel where there are hardly no other people! All for about $85.00pp There are other day sail companies, just do a search online. One of the best days we had ever had!!