I need prayers and good thoughts, please.....


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Hi everyone - I am going to be admitted to the hospital later this morning for a kidney biopsy. Just thought I would ask for your thoughts and prayers that this is negative and they can find a quick and curable reason for my kidney problems. Thanks!

P.S. I want to thank all of you for your support after my Dad's sudden death.......it was greatly appreciated by both me and my brother and sister.


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Lisa, we will most definitely keep you in our prayers...hoping all goes well for you today.

I do know about kidney disease, as some of my very close family members are dealing with it.



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I hope something is found that can be treated for your kidney problems. Like Reggae, I know about kidney problems. I will be praying that they can find something that will help!


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Oh Lisa, big prayers coming your way that the test will find a quick resolution to your kidney problems.... Huggs fellow Phlamingo.


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Glad that you called the last couple of nights.....touch base again when you can. Hang tough girl.....it's gonna be something minor. Remember, it's only been 18 months or so since they were digging around in that same kidney for the colossal stone....they didn't see anything then. My vote goes for scar tissue.....possible?


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Lisa called this morning. She did NOT have the kidney biopsy yesterday. Instead, they scanned and tested her 6 ways from Sunday......she is probably glowing. She has large kidney stones, yet again that are blocking the ureter. In a couple of hours they are planning on inserting a stent. The stones will eventually be blasted with lithotrypsy. She is in great spirits, much relieved that it's not a much worse reason for the issues. Stones are not fun, but I would choose that over some of the other possibilities.

Lisa thanks you for all of your prayers and good thoughts. I'll be back when there is more to report.