I need prayers and good thoughts, please.....

connie seabee

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Mgram, Thank you for the latest update on Lisa. Thankfully, It's nothing more serious. Keep Lisa in my thoughts for a quick and full recovery.


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Thank you for the update, Mgram. I've been thinking of Lisa and will continue to keep her in my prayers for a quick and painless recovery.


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Thank heavens it's only stones, but I know that is still going to be majorily uncomfortable for her.

One morning I woke up about 3am in amazing pain. I paced back and forth, all over the house, drank a whole lot of fluids, released those, went back to sleep for a few hours and went to work. I went to my Dr. and told her I had passed a kidney stone, and she said that was impossible, that it takes weeks and months to pass one. I kept insisting.

A few months later, the same thing happened. I told my Dr. again that I had passed a kidney stone in several hours. This time she believed it. Said I was so adamant the first time that she looked it up, and discovered that some people can pass them in hours. I was very lucky! Hope Lisa gets lucky too!


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Lisa returned home today. Soon she will start lithotripsy to blast those suckers.

Globug.....I'm like you, I pass them quickly......THANK HEAVENS!!!!!


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Lisa...I'm late to read this but I wish you the best with the treatments and freedom from the "blasted" stones!!!


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Lisa just recently had her 2nd lithotripsy. It has been a little bit more of an ordeal that the first. She has been in a great deal of pain. Through all of this she is trying to work.

Thanks for all of your good thoughts and prayers. I know that they are appreciated.


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Thank you for the update, Pat, though it's not 100% what we wanted to hear. I was about to ask Lisa how she was feeling. I pray she gets through this ordeal comfortably.