I need some cheering up


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Three years ago today, I saw Hucc for the last time. He was in hospice and unable to talk, yet we were able to communicate in our own way. He passed away five days later, one day prior to my next planned visit.

For some reason, this third anniversary is harder than last year's. So, if you wouldn't mind indulging me, I would love to hear some of your memories of Hucc to cheer me up on this day.

Many thanks. I know this is minor with all else going on across the country and with the recent passing of another beloved @ddict.


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I remenber very much him that he loved his son and loved pulling surprises on him he even took him on a cruise and did not tell him till the last minute


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It is hard to believe that it's been 3 years now...he was way to young to be called home.

My fondest memories of Hucc was this sharing with us his and Koolaid's road to and the joy of adopting their son and his joy in parenthood. We all miss him Lisa.


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Lisa, so sorry you are feeling down. I remember Hucc but wasn't active enough on the board to remember anything in particular. When I miss a loved one it does help to pull out the memories and then smile because I had that someone in my life to make those memories. I hope by the end of the day you can have that smile too.


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Awwwwo Huggs!

One day i was at work at a store at downtown atlanta and in walked hucc. This was an unplanned visit. I actually thought of hucc when this guy walked in then it really was hucc! I told him where i worked once on cruise addicts because he said he was visiting atlanta at some point. I was just thrilled to have met hucc and I wish I could have chatted with him much longer but I was at my store and it was busy. Hucc was so nice and I am very glad I got to meet him.


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Like Denise and many others, when I think of Hucc, I think of following the road to Oliver's adoption and their life together, cut so short. I'm sure that Koolaid is raising Oliver with the plan they so carefully created.....with lots of love.

We have had so much loss here the past few years.....and more than our share in recent months. Hugs to you Lisa and anyone else in need of one.


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So, what's for dinner? Pho!

Courage....brought to you with smiles from a suffering man. I learned a lot about courage from Hucc.

Love....He was so proud to be called "Daddy" and he loved that little boy beyond measure!

I often think of "O" and Koolaid and I pray that they are leading happy and healthy lives that are filled with the joy of each other and wonderful memories of Hucc.

I am so pleased that I did have the pleasure of meeting Hucc and his family on a Mexican Riviera cruise. Same cruise that I met Lisa and her family too. Such wonderful memories of a very happy time! Be cheered Lisa for Hucc would want you to be!


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Thank you all. It's so nice to share memories when missing a loved one.

Audrey, if you could have seen O's face when he told me about the surprise cruise -- he was so excited for months afterwards!

Denise, far too young, yet wise beyond his years in many ways.

Whimsy, looking at photographs and reading the above notes helped. (Actually, so did a nap!)

Dusky, he was so thrilled to meet you. He told me about your brief get-together after he returned from the trip.

KK, he was a wonderful friend who became like a brother to me. He even offered to beat someone up for me one time. His courage the last couple of years of his life was inspiring.

Mgram, he is. Hug is appreciated!

Beryl, pho!!! And, I was so lucky to be at the table for a few of his wonderful dinners. And, that was a great cruise.

Thanks again, all. Anniversaries are the worst, so I'm glad to have the support of my friends.


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I never had the pleasure of meeting HUCC in person, but I was supposed to. He was going to be taking a cruise out of Galveston and we were on the same cruise. We corresponded back and forth through PMs and unfortunately, not long before the cruise is when he first became ill and he didn't make the trip (I think maybe you were supposed to be on the cruise too Lisa). Then after his illness began, we corresponded again some through PM's and I sent him a few funny little get well cards. I too remember so well his and Koolaid's long road to adoption and how happy and proud they were when they got Oliver. Do you still keep in touch with Koolaid? And if so....how are he and Oliver doing?


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We had a couple of talks about adoption since I am adopted as well but I never met him or really knew him,it was around the time they were considering adopting another child,hugs to you Lisa,I know how much Hucc meant to you,and whether its 3 years or 4 months like me,you just dont forget your loved ones,much love girl,Korina


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Lisa - I remember Hucc's willingness to help anyone planning on visiting New England. And I remember how happy he was when Oliver came into their lives.


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Thank you all, again. I am doing much better... it was just the couple of days that I was down. Thank you for sharing your memories... they helped.

NiteStar, I was to be on the Grand Princess cruise, also. Hucc and I planned it together. We even made spreadsheets and listed pros and cons of each cruise we considered. Our husbands thought we were nuts. Well, maybe we were, yet we had a lot of fun doing it and it is a great memory. (K and O are doing well... thanks for asking.)

Korina, HUGS to you. And, you told me something I didn't know. Thank you for talking with him about adoption... I know it meant a lot to him as he wanted to be the best Daddy possible.

elliottsmama, your post made me smile. Of course, there is no way our situations can be compared...I very much appreciate your words. Elliott helped keep Hucc going when the times got tough. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your DH often.

Jeanie, in some ways it seems like forever, at other times it's as if I just talked to him yesterday.

Lisa, thank you for reminding me of how Hucc loved to play tour guide! Hugs to you, too. (I saw your other post.)

Thank you all again. Please know that I am doing OK.

Donna - dsw

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I loved his posts and remember how happy and excited he was about the adoption! Actually think of him often when cooking something new! He loved to try new foods!


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I met Hucc the same day that Duskbat did. We met in Decatur and had lunch. We had a great visit and then I directed him to the Marta train station so he could go and suprise Dusky!

I also enjoyed his dinner plans and when he was trying to decide if he was going to buy the Nuwave oven!


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Great memories being shared about Hucc. I've smiled the whole thread!

He contacted me out of the blue one day, and wanted to know if I would consider making a card for him to give to Mary Ann. I ended up making one that pictured her as the Bionic Woman, it was really fun. What an honor that he thought I was good enough for him to request that.

How old is O now? Boy, I sure miss stories about him, it was such a joy sharing Hucc and Koolaid's joy.