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I see many new names Time for Roll Call

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by PEB, May 30, 2002.

  1. lovetocruise

    lovetocruise Guest

    Margot checking in from Seattle, WA
    Leaving Saturday Amsterdam to Alaska

  2. ohiorn

    ohiorn Guest

    Mike and Bev from southwest of Cleveland, Ohio
  3. Linda & Jim

    Linda & Jim Guest

    Linda & Jim from Bryant Pond, Maine.
  4. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    :wave Checking in from upstate New York! :wave
  5. Peggy Clark

    Peggy Clark Guest

    Peggy and Penny from hot Sacramento, California checking in
  6. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    Catherine here from Ireland!
  7. DebraK

    DebraK Guest

    Debra here from Albany, in the San Francisco Bay Area - a little town right across from the Golden Gate.
  8. tispwisp

    tispwisp Guest

    Amy & Chris from Angier, NC! Addicted to both cruising and the cruise-addicts site! :wave
  9. Charlene

    Charlene Guest

    Charlene & Jim from Denver Colo
    1994-Fair Princess
    1999-Regal Princess
    2000-Enchantment of the Seas
    2001-Grandeur of the Seas
    2002-Golden Princess
  10. Sgrane

    Sgrane Guest

    Scott and Lori checking in from Central Florida!
  11. hstrybuf

    hstrybuf Guest

    Debbie here checking in from Prairie Village, KS in the burbs of KC! :wave
  12. balfourbob

    balfourbob Guest

    Bob here from Wappingers Fall NY
  13. Caren

    Caren Guest

    Hello. I'm from Sarasota, FL. Next cruise Carnival Victory 12/02.
  14. Davef

    Davef Guest

    Hi Dave & Cookie here from Baltimore, Ohio
  15. DebR

    DebR Guest

    Debbie R from Idaho here.
  16. KatWheel

    KatWheel Guest

    Here in Little Rock, AR!! An addict that has been traveling way too much for work and can't check in much :( Would get a lap top but I would rather take another cruise :)
  17. Bibb

    Bibb Guest

    Bibb, Kittery, Maine
  18. Carmaster

    Carmaster Guest

    Hi Gene and Carolyn loging in from Toms River, N.J. since 6/99. Now awaiting the Christmas Cruise aboard the Summit, only 203 more days. Thanks to John and Ingrid for a wonderful haven.......................Gene W.
  19. bbfgator

    bbfgator Guest

    Brenda/Steve here or "bbfgator"...from Jacksonville, FL.... board and people here are great!! Go Gators!!!
  20. TinaB

    TinaB Guest

    Tina & Bob from NW Ohio

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