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I see many new names Time for Roll Call

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by PEB, May 30, 2002.

  1. melba

    melba Guest

    My name is Gloria from Virginia, and I am a Cruise Addict!!!!!!
  2. KimA

    KimA Guest

    Kim A from PA here!
  3. Tim and Thelesa checking in from Boise, Idaho.
  4. dansi

    dansi Guest

    Dansi (Dianne) from the San Francisco Bay Area
  5. SandyW

    SandyW Guest

    Sandy (and Jim) from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    We just returned from our fifth cruise on the 10th of May...Radiance of the Sea"s Hawaii to Vancouver route.
  6. Hooked

    Hooked Guest

    Howdy! from Western NY State
  7. Roger and Lois, SW missouri
  8. tinytim

    tinytim Guest

    Near Detroit. GO WINGS!
  9. pattyb

    pattyb Guest

    Patty from central NY, beautiful dairy farming country.
  10. Steph and Jerry, also from central New York. We've taken six cruises, the most recent NCL Star - Hawaii and Fanning Island. We're both hooked and won't vacation any other way!
  11. SassyGirl

    SassyGirl Guest

    Patty from New Jersey checking in.

  12. Keli

    Keli Guest

    Keli from Tulsa Oklahoma area, counting down to Celebrity Century. October 19!
  13. Bill White

    Bill White Guest

    Bill & Gayle White from Kansas City.
  14. LaDawn

    LaDawn Guest

    LaDawn from Colorado Springs here!
  15. Toni Rock

    Toni Rock Guest

    Toni From NY!
  16. Niteowl

    Niteowl Guest

    Lia and Ken here from Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, anxiously awaiting our first cruise. NCL Wind to Alaska Sept 2/02
  17. Reader

    Reader Guest

    Gail & Luis from western MA. :)
  18. CFXTBB

    CFXTBB Guest

    Jenny & Jason from IN.

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