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I tried the kelly method BUT

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by MissVicki, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    Well I wish I could get it to work. That's no fair!! LOL

    Anyway, yes I did get a new digital camera. I got an HP Photosmart M305v and have had some fun with it already! It is pretty easy to work so that's why I got it. But I still have to get more memory and better batteries before we leave which is 12 days and 22 hours!!!!!! :thumb :grin
  2. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I have a fuji that eats 4 batteries daily. But I also have a 128 mg card. Last week on vacation we took over 400 pics and still have room for more. Used the medium setting (plus i have 2-8mgs. and a 64 which we didnt need)
  3. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    i just got a 1 GB on ebay for 66.00 i can take up to 5210 pics .... do you think that will be enough :) lol

    i have a canon s400 so that card will allow me to take about 1 hour or so of video as well, cant wait to use the new card,,, i also got the case that surrounds the camera so i can use it underwater, and take video of snorkeling... is it time to go yet??
  4. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    If that 1G is not enough for you for one week its time to give you a lesson in taking vacations.
    I am looking at getting a new camera. the one I have does not take good night shots.. like of the moon- all i get is a blur. You will have to let me know how yours does at night time.
  5. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    oh I hope mine does good night shots. I didn't think of that!! My camera came with a 16MB memory card. So I think I may have to get about a 128MB card LOL Cause I just don't think a 64MB will be enough....
  6. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Just take shots in the medium setting. While on the voyager we hardly remembered to take pictures as we were just so awestrucked. Watched our video of our cruise...the whole 20 minutes of a 7 day vacation--lol
    did you ever see our web page for the Voyager? http://joephila.net/cruise/ each page has a differnt tune. One page even has the pictures of our food we ordered each night.
  7. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    ooh wow. I figured out how to change Image Quality. And that gives me 28 photos. wow! But I still don't know how much memory to get. I have it figured of about how many pictures I would get with each card. (if I'm right, anyway) But I just don't know how many pictures I will be taking!! Its only a 4day but still. Hum maybe if I just get a 65MB card that will allow about 84 pictures in the setting I have my camera now, plus the 28 on this 16MB card. So that will allow about 112 pictures right there. And I usually only took about 3 or 4 rolls of 24exposure film on a 7-day cruise! LOL But its like the price only goes up a dollar or so for the next highest memory card, so I don't know what to do!!!!! All I know is that I'm running out of time!! LOL

    And thank you for that link to your web page. I do believe I have seen that before. But wow! its really fantastic! That's so creative.... how fun!
  8. RATBOY7223

    RATBOY7223 Guest

    kelly method worked for me... i went from 4A to 6A... i know it could still change, but right now the location is wonderful.. near elevators and in the middle of the ship.. couldnt ask for more (except maybe a window or a suite =)
  9. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    RatBoy- when are you sailing? if its a close sailing date it may just be your cabin
  10. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    okay I'm back. And by golly the Kelly method, and S & S Method worked. We were infact in cabin E26 and my mom and grandma were in E22.

    I bought a 128MB memory card for my camera and had tons of pictures I could have taken. LOL And I only ended up taking 80 pictures LOL. I'll post some, plus a review, soon.

    Have a nice day!:):grin

    Happy Cruising!=whiteflag


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  11. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Ok Kim; tell me if you checked out the hot tubs in the Gym/spa area.. Heck--tell me everything.
  12. cajuncruiser

    cajuncruiser Guest

    I just found our cabin number using book modify. We were upgraded to a 4c. Can't wait to get on the Conquest.

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