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Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by GlamDoll, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. GlamDoll

    GlamDoll Guest

    Hi Guys, I work for a Travel Website, and I will be qualified for an IATA card pretty soon. Does anyone have one here? HOw much can I save on a cruise with one of these? What about Airfare?
  2. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    You'll get the best cruise deals from Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. Here are some of the particulars:

    Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises space available rates are as follows: CLIA members / $40.00 per person per day for interior staterooms, $50.00 per person per day for ocean-view staterooms and $75.00 per person per day for balcony or veranda staterooms. Non-CLIA members / $50.00 per person per day for interior staterooms, $60.00 per person per day for ocean-view staterooms and $85.00 per person per day for balcony and veranda staterooms. Governmental departure taxes and fees are additional. All rates are in U.S. dollars. In order for bona fide travel agents, from a fully accredited travel agency affiliated with Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, to take advantage of the available dates, an imprinted business card and one of the following is required: IATA card, IATAN list, CLIA certification or personal CLIA card with picture.

    If you have access to Cruising Power they post the T/A rates every Wednesday. If you don't have access to Cruising Power they have a recorded message which lists the T/A rates. The recording changes every Wednesday. To get the number, just call RCCL or Celebrity Reservations and ask for the reduced rates desk. RCCL / Celebrity publish agent rates about 30 days prior to the sailing date. At these rates you can do a 7 night cruise for 2 people for about $625 for an inside cabin. =coolsign Carnival sometimes will do a little discount through their promotions desk. You have to call for availability. Windstasr also has similar rates to Royal Caribbean and again you won't find out until 30 days prior to sailing. Most cruise lines offer agent rates but RCCL and Celebrity are the easiest to book.

    Your IATAN card will also usually get you some good hotel discounts. I have found that Ameri-Suites usually has some good T/A discounts. I stayed for half price in Dallas a couple of years ago. Last May we stayed at The Millienium Broadway Hotel in Times Square for $99 per night. The regular rate was $275 so there are some deals to be had if you can sniff them out.

    I never use my IATAN card for airlines. You can get an AD/65 fare which is a 65% discount off the published fare but it is usually stand-by only. Back in the day if you'd flash your IATAN card you could get upgraded to first class. They don't usually do that any more.

    I have also done the day trip to Breezes in Nassau a couple of times for free. You need to contact the sales department at the property ahead of time to do something like that.

    Hope this helps :thumb
  3. GlamDoll

    GlamDoll Guest

    WOW! Very helpful and definitley worth the $25 bucks I have to spend to get it , THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  4. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I think you have to do more than spend $25.00 to qualify for an IATA card! Check this out! I am not questioning your job or your qualifications to qualify for the card but I don't want anyone to think they can just buy a card. Travel Professionals work very hard for the priviledge of having one!

  5. GlamDoll

    GlamDoll Guest

    Oh I work for a travel company, after you work there for 6 months you are qualified to get an iata card, you fill out the paper work, pay the yearly fee and then you get an IATA card with your pic on it.
  6. CruiseColl

    CruiseColl Guest

    You also have to have a certain amount of personal sales before you qualify. I just got mine a couple of weeks ago and am not really too concerned with the discounts I can get, I am just proud that I earned it....congrats on earnng yours too..thats a great accomplishment!!

  7. GlamDoll

    GlamDoll Guest

    Thank you! HAHA! I am excited!

    i worked for another travel company before, and they did the same thing and I never bothered to get mine. Well, at that time I was dating a pilot and we flew free all the time, so I guess I felt I didn't need it.
  8. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    There are some companies out there that charge a substantial fee to make you an "independant travel agent" with their company. For that fee they will give you a "travel agent id card" which is worthless. Beware of any company that tries to get money from you for the purposes of getting one of these cards.

    Agents employed by IATAN member agencies can get their cards after six months of employment. The fee is still $25. I was unaware of any required sales figures. Is that perhaps for agents who do not work full time?

    As you can see from my post above only IATA card or IATAN list with your name on it is valid for agent rates on RCCL / Celebrity. Same applies for the rest of the cruise lines and most other travel providers.
  9. GlamDoll

    GlamDoll Guest

    Yep It has my name, and I do mostly Customer Care/Supervisor work so my card has nothing to do with number of sales. I know quite a few others who have used theirs here at work and its the real deal holyfield! HAHA
  10. CruiseColl

    CruiseColl Guest

    There's also a website listed on the back of the IAtan card so if anyone questions its validity it can be verified right on the spot.


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