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Ice Cream on HAL??

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by knicely, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. knicely

    knicely Guest

    I wonder if HAL offer homemade ice cream and if there is a charge for it? Do HAL ships have good pizza? Do they have free specialty coffees?
  2. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Yes, the ice cream is free at the ice cream bar, several flavors to choose from. Haven't tried the pizza.
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We think the pizza is great but that is so subjective. What we like, someone else may not. We prefer thin cruist.

    All coffees (including espresso and cappuchino) are complimentary in the dining room and at Java Cafes. The Vista Class ships sell specialty coffees in Windstar. The price is VERY moderate and compare to what many are used to at Starbuck's but for a fraction of the price. They are really good coffees.

    And the ice cream is totally YUM. :)
  4. Spender Nui

    Spender Nui Guest

    SAil 7 ... I thought I heard recently that HAL was charging in the Java Cafe. Haven't done HAL since last November, so not sure.
  5. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    No....there is still no charge for coffees at Java Cafes or in the dining room or in the Neptune Lounges.

    There is a charge for coffee in Windstar on Vista class ships. The charge is so minimal for the excellent coffees they make. A fraction of what they cost at major shore side coffee bars and VERY worth it IMO

    (popcorn is still complimentary at the movies, as well.)
  6. catgirl

    catgirl Guest

    Hello, HAL fans,
    I've just got to weigh in (pun intended) on this ice cream conversation. The ice cream bar on HAL is wonderful! Not only is there an excellent selection of ice cream and frozen yogurt, it's complete with Jimmies, Reese's pieces, and a selection of sauces and liquers to slather all over your ice cream. And, the ice cream scooper is very generous -- hugs scoops on a waffle cone, unless you restrain him otherwise. And, there are usually two kinds of cookies on the ice cream bar as well. I rarely eat ice cream in my normal life, but, aboard a HAL cruise, I'm eating it every day!
    I think the pizza is fine, but who has room after all that ice cream?
    And, along the line of treats, let us not forget the chocolates after dinner in the Explorer's Lounge. Out of sight!
    The Java Cafe has great coffees, teas, and cappucino and, of course, it's another cookie venue. Java Cafe is complementary as well, and the attendants there are so accommodating that I always tip them at the end of the week.
    Happy snacking aboard HAL.
  7. asctony

    asctony Guest

    Sorry, not on the Zuiderdam. Ice Cream bar very limited compare to the other ships. No more Java Cafe on the Zuiderdam with free cappucino. They now charge for the cappucino. Happy Crusing!!
  8. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I had complimentary espresso on Zuiderdam every single day of the 28 we have been aboard Zuiderdam. Actually, I had about 2 or 3 per day.

    In the Neptune Lounge, I had double espresso (or latte) every morning.

    Each evening, I had complimentary espresso in the dining room....or in Odyssey.

    But...the real treat was when we went to Windstar. I do not exaggerate when I tell you they served the very best coffee we have ever enjoyed. Better than all over Italy, France, Spain etc (and the Europeans really like their coffee and know how to make a great java) ....better than Starbuck's. The price was extremely moderate. I think it was something like $1.50 for a huge cup.

    Ice Cream Bar had no fewer than five (sometimes even more) flavors offered every single day of 28 days we spent aboard. And trays of wonderful cookies (at least 2-3 different types). And toppings and jimmies and all the wonderful goodies to "garnish" ice cream with. Enjoy it in a dish or a regular cone or a huge waffle cone. Always served with a beautiful smile from the "ice cream man".

    Just my experience aboard....can't speak for anyone else.

    Post Edited (10-27-03 19:02)
  9. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    I do not understand the divergence of views on the Zuiderdam. I wonder if Sail and I are the only two cruise addicts that appreciate the Z.
  10. asctony

    asctony Guest

    Been on all the DAMships and sorry. There is a big change in HAL on the new Vista class. They no longer have the liquors or fresh berries at the Ice Cream Bar. They no longer have the Java Cafe with the free cappucino.
    That is a fact. I did not imply that the dining room was charging yet. However, will find out soon, before the end of the year.
    Happy Cruising!
  11. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Cruz.......:) I sometimes wonder if folks have been on the same ship we were on. :)

    I did not know we were discussing bottles of liquor at the ice cream bar.
    Frankly, I have never touched a one of those bottles at any of the ice cream bars on Statendam (cruised her at least 5 times); Ryndam (only cruised her twice as I remember it); Voldendam (only 1 cruise on her....but sure would love to return to her; beautiful ship); Maasdam (well, gee.....That's "MY" ship :) and I have lost count but know we have definitely been aboard her at least 12 times ----and have our docs for b-to-b's November);

    Let's see.....which ships have I missed:

    Oh, ya....Rotterdam we've cruised at least 5 times; Amsterdam only two cruises; Zuiderdam we've had 4 FABULOUS CRUISES on her; Veendam we've probably cruised about 5-6 times and then there's Zaandam.....cruised her at least 4 times, maybe more. Hard to keep track.

    We haven't cruised Prinsendam yet.....but I'm sure we'll get around to it one of these days.

    Asctony. ... Yes, you are correct. There are some changes on Vista Class. Some IMO are even for the better. Where is it written that a company has no right to make changes when they bring out a new product? Or, for that matter, make a change to their old product at any time they deem it to be the thing to do. A GREAT MANY things in our lives have changed in recent years. If charging for coffee is such a major irritant to you....that is your privilege to gripe about it. I can think of many more important things that folks might gripe about and a coffee bar simply is not the top of my list.

    So, IMHO, if complimentary espresso and cappucino for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room isn't sufficient.....be a sport and cough up $1.50 and buy yourself a huge cup in Windstar. Last time I was on Pricess (which will probably be the last time we would ever be on Princess).....we paid for a teeny, tiny cup of espresso....so what! HAL certainly knows what the competition is doing. If others in the industry were charging (FAR HIGHER PRICE , by the way), at some point it is realistic to assume if they are going to keep the prices competitive, they, too, have to charge for a few things. I think it surprising that only Vista Class is charging but I am sure it is because they are the only ships that have a Windstar ---or room to build one. So far as I know, the complimentary Java Cafe is still up and running on all the other ships.

    I always find it very interesting when someone can spend a week (or more) on a ship; come back and the only comments they have are negative. Did you find anything BETTER on Zuiderdam/Vista Class? Did you not think that the new Lido Arrangement is fabulous? Isn't the quality and quantity of the offerings there for breakfast and lunch just about the best there is at sea on any cruiseline. I have never seen any that come even close.

    Isn't Odyssey gorgeous and serving fabulous food. Whoops.....that's an additional charge. Oh darn....we ate a number of meals there that we would have spent about $200 on anywhere else, but we paid $40 there ....Of course, the tips were additional.

    Did you not feel you got your money's worth on the ship? If not, sorry. Hope you are happier on your next cruise and "get more for your money". With the prices most have paid in recent months for cruises on Zuiderdam, I find it hard to believe you felt paying for a cup of special coffee (if you desired more than three a day in the dining room)made all the difference between a good value for your money and feeling short changed. But, of course, if you feel that way, it is most certainly your right and your perogative.

    Jeepers.....and we accuse the cruiselines of nickle and diming :) !!! That coin flips both ways IMO

    Post Edited (10-27-03 20:35)
  12. asctony

    asctony Guest

    S7Sea: You are again jumping to conclusions. I have posted facts. I didn't say that everything was wrong with HAL. You are the one who says everthing is right with HAL. You cruised on Princess 2 years ago and you said everything was wrong with Princess. Remember! Who is negative? Y-O-U!!
    Why don't you just grow up and accept things about HAL as they are. NO Cruise line is perfect including HAL.
    If you want to continue this go ahead. Sorry, I don't have time for you.
    I will continue to post the truth about what I see, experience, etc.
  13. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I just call it the way I see it. Everything I write is what I think to be accurate....as I see it.
    And...there are actually folks who agree with much I have observed.....

    Happy Cruising. :)
  14. sage

    sage Guest

    Sorry I didn't mean to disturb anything. I was just going to comment on the wonderful champange sherbert they have on the Rotterdam.
  15. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    :) Sage :thumb
  16. Jannarama

    Jannarama Guest

    We loved the ice cream on the Statendam when we sailed in 10/03, circle cruise to Hawaii from San Diego. They had a variety of flavors daily...sometimes we'd stand in line and they'd run out of something. A big choice of toppings...sprinkles, real whipped cream, sauces such as chocolate sauce, caramel, butterscotch, strawberry; shaved chocolate, Butterfinger pieces, nuts, cookies, etc. They also have waffle cones and cake cones. The cinnamon ice cream was good, the vanilla was OH MY ...my favorite flavor on the ship!

    We also ate a lot of the pizza on the ship...they made it up fresh with a variety of toppings. I just usually got a personal cheese pizza. They had large pizzas made up, and you could serve yourself, but I liked the pizzas they made up fresh and brought to your table.

    As far as the coffee, the Statendam offered cappucino, latte, espresso and regular coffee. They did offer decaf cappucino and coffee. There were a variety of 'add in's' for the coffee--shaved chocolate, cane sugar, raw sugar, cinnamon sticks, artificial sweetener, whipped cream, cream, regular sugar, just to name a few. Those coffees were free, but if you wanted liqueur added , then it cost money...I think something like $4.95 each? They have a little 'menu' booklet which lists what's available.

    They do charge for sodas...it was $1.75 per 12 oz. can of soda. There was bottled water ($2.00 a bottle--I think it was a liter size??) which we drank a lot of since the cabin's tap water was nasty. (and upset our stomachs!) The water in the dining rooms didn't bother us though.

    Enjoy your cruise!
  17. mourhaan

    mourhaan Guest

    Hi ,
    I would love to hear about your trip
  18. I loved the ice cream on the Rotterdam especially the banana liquer you could top it with. I considered it my free drink!!
  19. New2HAL

    New2HAL Guest

    Where is the ice cream bar on the Zuiderdam?
  20. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    It is in Lido.....easy to find and open generous hours.

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