Ice Cream on HAL??



A comment on the Ice Cream bar on "Oosterdam" -it took us a while to figure out -the toppings are a bit removed -on a shelf a bit down the way- the nuts/nonpariels/ toppings. There were always at LEAST 3 different kids of cookies -and, yes -there were cordial toppings. My husband hit the ice cream bar DAILY!..........


What have you started?

I have been on at least 6 HAL cruises and didn't realize the ice cream was special -- I've never tried it!!!

Now I think it'll be one of my daily meals on the Westerdam in July '04.


The heck with the ice cream issue. What is Vista class? We're going only on our 2nd HAL cruise this summer. Sorry if this is a silly question.


Vista class is the New HAL ships -with 1800+ passengers. We recently took Back-to-backs on the "Oosterdam" [ the 2nd of the Vista Class ships] from Venice, Italy to Lisbon, Portugal -and Portugal to Florida. I was all set NOT to like that ship- because we appreciate the ships with fewer passengers. BUT we really liked it. The Crows Nest, and other HAL places were where they are on other HAL ships- so finding our way around immediately was no problem at all!! The new thing we notice was an Oriental station on the Lido; The movies are shown twice daily in "The Queens Room" rather than the Wojang Theater [ yes; there is Popcorn!] There is a small charge for gourmet coffees in a coffee "Shop" rather than a small bar outside the theater with free Expresso. The dining room is appreciably larger with a LARGE work station for the guys UNDER the staircase.........In other words- what was NEW works well! What was OLD is comfortingly familiar. We loved it! 28 days aboard ship' Life is good!
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In case it matters to anyone, the ice cream is Breyers, at least on the Oosterdam and I would think Breyers would have a contract to serve all the ships, like Coke does.


LOL - Don't laugh but thinking about the ice cream bar and the liquor and other toppings we experienced on our only other HAL cruise was one of the factors which made me choose the Zuiderdam to the carribbean for this summer over Celebrity's Horizon to Bermuda.

So I certainly hope the Zuiderdam hasn't cut back on that ice cream bar. I am there daily :)

BTW - the other factors were cost and having not cruised celebrity, it appeared their dress was more formal than HAL and we are not into that. Presentable is one thing, too many coats and ties is not my idea of vacation. I can handle one formal night - and go to the deck barbecue or the Lido on the other. Cut Celebrity with 2 formal and 2 other suit or coat/tie nights seemed to stuffy to me - At least on HAL I can wear an open neck shirt and just take my jacket off and put it over the chair on the informal nights