Ice Cream on Princess....Free!



I was on the Dawn Princess in November 2002 and there was free ice cream in the Horizon Court from 4:00 - 4:30 PM SHARP everyday. Granted, I bumped into by accident and the ice cream would be packed away at "precisely" 4:30PM. I may never have known about the ice cream if it hadn't been for the fact that I was travelling with a group of "foodies". I was on the Sun Princess back in April 2002 too and never saw it...

Marion Paris

I thought most of the cruise ships offered afternoon ice cream that is free of charge, usually around the same time afternoon tea is served.

If they have a specialty stand and charge for it, more power to them, they also charge for many other things that are "extras" like speciality coffee and latte. I have a choice. I just don't indulge. With so much food for free included, why purchase more? :chef

Most of the folks standing on the ice cream line would be better off working out in the gym and eating fresh fruit in the afternoon!!!!! We all have choices. It is too easy to put on 10 pounds per cruise, who needs the ice cream with all the rich desserts one eats after dinner! Oh well, to each their own.

Yes, with cruise prices so dam low, the cruise lines have just found one more way to stay afloat and keep the cash rolling in. Offer the cruise for a low rate and they can still make their money with all the 'extras' cruises are spending their money on. Many spend double the price they paid for their cruise experience - not me! :dance

I don't buy too much extra, especially when it comes to food.


They charge for espresso and other gourmet coffee drinks, too. Doesn't that irk you? Of course, you can get a cappuccino FREE in dining room. Also, they charge for the *alternate* restaurants. So, if you don't even eat ice cream, what's the big deal? :) If I had to choose between Carnival's free soft serve "ice cream" or Princess's whole EXPERIENCE, I'll take the latter anyday. I love their FRESH water pools, 24 hour dining, Afternoon Tea and other aspects of the cruise. As for the ice cream, I can have a dish of it after my evening meal. There are just too many other goodies to indulge in.


Hahahaha Brad... you've paid $15,000 for a cruise but gripe about a $2.00 ice cream?? Give me a break. And you DON'T EVEN EAT ICE CREAM but wont cruise with Princess because they charge for the specialty kind? You know what, I dont drink coffee but WHY in the WORLD would I not cruise a particular line because they want to charge for it?? That makes NO sense.... why would I even care if I dont drink the stuff?

Hey... thanks for the laugh.


..... here's another 2 cents (making it a total of .04 lol)... EXCELLENT point John Pegueros, coming from a mother of 2. You are right, sure cuts down on the waste doesn't it.

John from LAPD

I've met your kind before, a true "Salespersons" nightmare. Alway's looking for something for nothing. I'm sure Princess really misses you.