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ice wine in vancouver

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by dusty, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. dusty

    dusty Guest

    has anyone tried the ice wine in canada. i have read on some sites it is really good. i will be taking wine on board with me and would like to know some opinions on this wine. i will be staying in vancouver the night before and would like to try a glass at a resturant. does anyone know if they serve it by the glass or do you have to purchase a whole bottle. i am really excited with all my plans and cant wait to go.
  2. April

    April Guest

    Never heard of it-- will ask my friend from Victoria is she has--- I know she drinks wine--lol and if its good ? knowing her -- she would drink it
  3. April

    April Guest

    Well Dusty I just got a reply from my friend who lives in Victoria BC-- shes never heard of it---- and she is a very good source-----hahaha -- could it be called something else ?
    I did try some local wine-- that she brought me and it was good
  4. marpratt

    marpratt Guest

    I've not tried ice wine in Vancouver, but my husband and I tried it at Niagra-On-The-Lake, Canada. The grapes are harvested when frozen on the vine. Only a certain variety of grapes can be used. The result is a very sweet desert wine. Because only a small quantity can be produced in any given year it is very expensive. A small bottle can cost from $40 - $150. You may be able to find it for less. It tastes more like a liquer than a wine. Hope this helps.
  5. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

  6. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    BC is famous for it's Ice wine. It's available everywhere good wines are sold and all Liquor stores. Sold in half bottles and yes it's expensive. Very very sweet like a liquer..
  7. dusty

    dusty Guest

    a big thanks to all who let me know about the ice wine. i will see what the cost is when i get to vancouver and hopefully at a resturant be able to get a glass to see i like it or not. i like a sweeter wine and hope it wont be tooooooo expensive for my budget.
  8. April

    April Guest

    Well I guess I'm disappointed in my resource --lol might have to find myself a bottle and share with her---- BSeaBob--- it's Heather that I am referring too-- hahaha
    I live in CA -- so I wonder if we might have our own version
  9. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

    April, there is no Vancouver Ice Wine as it does not get cold enough but there is a lot of Ice Wine made in the rest of BC.
  10. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    April.. I have seen Heather drink wine. (Or was it some other liquid) Chiper is correct on the exact local where it is made. The Okanagan Valley turns out some of the best in the world ..so I'm told. The stuff is too sweet for me along with the price. You won't have any down your way I wouldn't think. it doesn't get cold enough. Has to be a certain number of days at minus something or other. We had a hard time getting that low this year . Ontario also produces Ice wine.
  11. April

    April Guest

    Hi All
    Ok I do have to laugh-- I work at Costco and my store sold it---I was talking to one of our receiving workers who is leaving next week on the Dawn Princess-- yes to Alaska---- she told me it was rather expensive for such a small bottle-- approximatley $57.99 US--- so with the exchange rate-- and coming from Canada-- I dont know what the cost is there---- I have boughten several bottles of liquor and wine at my store that is so much less expensive that the crusie ship or ports
    BSeabob--- I think Heather is like me-- we will drink almost anything-lol-- we have done some wine tasting together and exchanged CA wines for Canadian ones----
    Cheers all
  12. dusty

    dusty Guest

    i really appriciate all the replies to my question. i had no idea that ice wine was so expensive. maybe i will settle for my old stand-by 'white zin'.

    i will decide when i get to vancouver.

    thanks again. dusty
  13. WindyCity

    WindyCity Guest


    Our wine steward suggested Chateau St. Michelle Riesling. It is a Washington State Wine and very good - on the sweet side and not exhorbitantly priced. You may like it.
  14. dusty

    dusty Guest


    how wonderful and helpful of you to ask your wine steward. i will pick some up before i leave so i know if i like it or not. when it comes to wine and the cost of it on the ship (from what i have read on the carnival board) i sure dont want to get some and not like it. thanks again and have great cruises. dusty
  15. Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle Guest

    Last week in Skagway I saw Ice Wine in a liquor store across the street from the Red Onion Saloon. I don't recall the price but do know it is a long, skinny bottle so must be something that would be of 'sipping' intensity.

    Enjoy your journey!
  16. chill

    chill Guest

    Hi Dusty,

    I LOVE ice wine! We live in Georgia and we can get it at our local liquor store. Because it is expensive, I get it as a treat on a hot summer Sunday afternoon and sip it slowly under the oak tree.

    We just get the very small 50 ml bottle. It's a 7" sapphire blue bottle with the Canadian flag on the lable. It's called VIDAL ICEWINE from Magnotta Winery in Ontario, Canada.
    The 50 ml bottle (1 small glass) is about $5.00 here. Not really that bad when you consider you'd pay that at least at a restaurant for the house brand.

    Rather than try it at a restaurant where it would cost over $12 if they had it at all, why not look for it locally. You'll enjoy it with a Brie on crusty Italian Bread!

  17. dusty

    dusty Guest


    thanks for the great response. it sounds wonderful. i cant find it here. i guess i will have to do some more searching in the area. it does sound pricy but when i get on the ship i am going to lavish myself with things i not normally would ever do. i think i am going to pick up a bottle at the vancouver airport to have in my cabin as a treat. "under the oak tree with your snack " sounds great too. i would love to visit georgia, i know it is a lovely state. thanks and soon i will be sipping that ice wine on the ship.


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