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In sept, i'm going on the serenade of the seas to alaska, one of our stops is icy strait point, i was planning to take the whale and mammal excursion tour through the ship, but i also saw on another board an independant tour operator, by the name of f.i.s.h.e.s.com. His tour lasts for 3 hrs and does a great job, from what i've heard, so i'm wondering if any of you wonderful folks have gone out on his tour, would like some input of you.



Just answered my Question....lol

How about this ?????
<img src=http://members.shaw.ca/fitzr/Infinity/BobInfinity/files/page0-1017-full.jpg>

those wee blips are people and that's the Zip line that comes back into near the Cannery where the ship tenders. (Not for me)

sorry I don't know about the other tours at all. We just took the bus and went into the tiny village of Hoonah (pic below.)
<img src=http://members.shaw.ca/fitzr/Infinity/BobInfinity/files/page0-1014-full.jpg>

and here's a pic from the ship looking at the Cannery Buildings
<img src=http://members.shaw.ca/fitzr/Infinity/BobInfinity/files/page0-1018-full.jpg>

The zip line goes from the mountain top right to left of the buildings.


We're planning an Alaskan cruise probably in Aug. 2009 on Serenade of the Seas - want a balcony room and would appreciate info as to where the best cabins are located for the scenery, etc. We will be starting in Vancouver.

Appreciate it.


I do not know the ship at all but I think that I can answer the question. There is no one perfect place for a view. There is always something different to see from each side. Some say however that the place to be is somewhere across the aft.
We actually have traveled inside to Ak. Our thinking is you get the best view from a higher up public room anyways.
I don't think you can go wrong on a newer ship.